Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Rachel will be on BBC Breakfast today!!!!

Rachel has just tweeted that she'll be on BBC Breakfast today (23rd). If we can't record it, the show will hopefully be available on Iplayer.

Rachel's tweet:

'Know its late but I'll b on BBC Breakfast tomorrow at about 8.40ish with my producer, chatting about the Oliviers and Wicked xr'

ANDY - Interview has been recorded and will be uploaded to the blog later on today.


Andy said...

Interview recorded and will be uploaded later on today.

meluvharibo said...

Excellent news, I just realised the time, I missed it. Look forward to it, thanks Andy.

Stina said...

Thanks for recording it. I live in Norway so I couldn't watch it, and the iPlayer doesn't work for me.