Thursday, 14 January 2010

Just To Clarify

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For anyone who may be wondering why the blog and Facebook group are featuring the Rachel & Louise casting, while the mainstream media have yet to 'catch up', I'd just like to explain exactly what happened.

Yesterday, issue number 61 of the 'Ozmopolitan Newsletter', which is available via the official Wicked site was leaked online. The text of the announcement featured in our post; 'Elphaba It's Official' (below) was taken directly from that Ozmopolitan newsletter, which we were entirely unaware had been leaked early.

By the time the newsletter was removed, presumably by the Wicked site, we had published the story and messaged all the Facebook group members.

I want to point out that we published the story entirely in good faith, that to the best of our knowledge all details are correct, and that the problem lies with the 'Ozmopolitan Newsletter'.

Although no-one has complained, I just want to state that we were in no way trying to 'jump the gun' with this announcement.

To fully clarify, the article below is taken from the 'Examiner.Com' site, giving full details of what happened.

''According to a leaked version of "Wicked" London's online newsletter, the "Ozmopolitan," Rachel Tucker and Louise Dearman will be taking over as Elphaba and Glinda, respectively, starting on March 29, 2010.

The 61st issue of the newsletter, which has not yet been officially released, was discovered when fans altered the URL from December's "Ozmopolitan," which can be found here. Changing the "60" at the end of the URL to "61" revealed the new issue, which contained an announcement that Tucker and Dearman would be joining the cast.

Shortly after fans made this discovery, the new issue was removed from the web.

Tucker was a finalist on the BBC's television program "I'd Do Anything" in 2008, a talent competition to find the West End's next Nancy for "Oliver!" Most recently she played the character Meat, in the West End Musical "We Will Rock You."

Dearman is currently in a pantomime of "Cinderella," and other credits include "Evita" and "Guys and Dolls."

In 2009 they performed together in "So Jest End," which included a "Wicked" parody featuring Tucker as Elphaba and Dearman as Glinda.

They will be replacing Alexia Khadime (Elphaba) and Dianne Pilkington (Glinda), who will give their final performances on March 27, 2010.''


Naomi said...

Opps, never mond. Still good news.

Dan said...

i thought you were gonna say she ISNT going to be Elphie! lol