Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Elphaba -- It's Official!!!!!!

It's official -- the Wicked UK site have announced the new cast and guess who is stepping into Elphaba's shoes?

Here's the full article -- more, MUCH more to come.

In the meantime we just want to say a MASSIVE MASSIVE congratulations to Rachel and also to Louise who has been announced as Glinda. article:

It is with great excitement we can reveal that from Monday 29 March 2010, Rachel Tucker and Louise Dearman will be taking over the West End’s most sought after leading lady roles as WICKED’s brand new Elphaba and Glinda!.

Irish WICKED fans may recognize Belfast born Rachel Tucker from her time co-presenting BBC Northern Ireland’s The Friday Show with Eamonn Holmes. But Rachel is no stranger to the world of musical theatre, having just finished playing Meat in the Queen/Ben Elton musical We Will Rock You at the Dominion Theatre and also reaching the semi-finals of the hugely popular BBC1 series I'd Do Anything!

Louise Dearman will be joining WICKED fresh from her much acclaimed portrayal of Eva Peron in the UK national tour of Evita. Louise's new role playing Glinda will mark her return to the West End having previously appeared in Guys and Dolls at the Piccadilly Theatre. Louise has also recently finished playing opposite musical theatre legend Mickey Rooney in the title role of Cinderella!

Amidst all the excitement of welcoming Rachel and Louise, we will also be bidding a much beloved farewell to our current leading ladies and celebrated Women of the Future Awards winners, Alexia Khadime (Elphaba) and Dianne Pilkington (Glinda). The ladies will be playing their final performance on Saturday 27 March 2010 so CLICK HERE to join us for what we’re certain will be a very emotional performance!

Stay tuned for additional cast changes to be announced very shortly... And don't forget that OZMOPOLITAN will be there every step of the way as WICKED London's 2010-11 cast prepare to take the show into its fifth and most exciting year yet!


Rosie said...

Yaaaaaaaay! Finally! Exciting much!

Sarah J said...

I cant believe it... well course i can believe it, shes outstandin and most definitly worth at role!! Im so glad shes gettin everythin shes wanted.. shes worked so hard!

Andy said...

My favourite West End star (Rachel) in my favourite West End musical (Wicked).


Dan said...

OMG it's TRUE!
cannot WAIT!
there was no way i was going to see it with Alexia in it (not a fan).

I really can't imagine Rachel as Elphie, I hate to say it but PLEASE tell me she's losing the Irish Accent?

Andy said...

Personally I think Alexia is AMAZING as Elphaba and I'm not surprised both her and Dianne (Glinda) have won awards for their performances. They will be hard acts to follow.

I would have been reluctant to see the show with a new cast had Rachel not landed the lead role but now I cannot wait.

I'm sure Rachel will be equally AMAZING and light up the stage as only she can; probably a nice shade of green.

Victoria said...

Rachel + Wicked = <3
As Andy said, my fave West End Star and Fave Musical by FAR.
Tickets got bought on Tuesday :) H32/33. Going to both cast changes - spending a fortune but will be worth it :)
Vic xx

Andy said...

I'm going on the 27th and 29th as well Vic. Dianne Pilkington is my second favourite West End star.

Can't remember my seat numbers but I think it was Row G in the Stalls for Rachel's opening night. I'm in the Circle on the 27th.

Not sure whether I'll be sat next to David or my Mum at this stage though.

Marinka said...

Omgggg that's great!!! We're planning another London trip to see her!!! I'm so excited and happy for her! :D

Georgia said...

well done to rachel, but slightly gutted, got tickets for my bday today, for 6th march, will still be awesome though!

Anonymous said...


So many people I need to see in England now lol

PoshBoy said...

But for some reason I can't find the exact article on the Wicked website... Anyone able to give me a link?

Andy said...

The article was actually in the Ozmopolitan Newsletter which you can subscribe to on the Wicked website.

They haven't posted the news on the website itself yet but they should do soon.

Jill R said...

Fantastic news for Rachel. I've been wanting to see both her and Wicked for ages so now I get to combine the two!

I saw Louise Dearman on Michael Ball's Tour DVD and she reminded me of Rachel, both in looks and how she performed! They'll be great together.

Anonymous said...

wicked was amazing i loved it rachel was fantastic cant wait to go bac and see it again!! when rachel sang defting gravity i got the shivers!! this girl is the best ever west end star!! come on belfast girl!! we love you !!

Anonymous said...

I saw Rachel as Elphaba about 2 weeks ago, and thought she was AMAZING. Having only listened to the soundtrack, which as we know is sung by Idina and Kristen, I was initially nervous about hearing the new interpretations of the songs I'd come to love.

But I shouldn't have worried. The show, the cast, Rachel in particular, were beyond brilliant. Her voice is so pure and SO in-tune considering the massive notes and leaps that are in some of the songs. I just wish I could get Rachel singing the soundtrack on CD now!

Plus who can still look that gorgeous covered in green make up?!

Congrats Rachel - you're an amazing actress and best of luck with everything you go on to do. I'm definitly booking tickets again, seeing Wicked, and seeing you in the role of Elphaba, is certainly worth every penny. <3