Monday, 9 November 2009

The Friday Show Episode Three

More Friday antics with Rachel and Eamon -- this time Rachel gets to sing 'Don't Stop Me Now' and there's a fantastic lavatorial performance from a wee dog. Oh and NI rock band Ash too.

OK I've a couple of complaints for the BBC. First of all why do the shows disappear from the Iplayer after just seven days? And secondly I've had several complaints that viewers outside the UK can't watch them at all. Come on BBC get your act together. This is important stuff.

Click on the link below to watch (quick before it disappears):


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helen said...

The Friday Show is improving week on week! (With one exception--Rachel's singing was flawless right from the start). Eamonn and Rachel are really settling in and working out the level of their banter. Less of Eamonn as a sexual being though, please, I've only just had my tea.

Rachel's made the transition from massive stage to small screen very impressively and her friendly, jovial manner is really suited to this kind of show. Is there no end to her talent?

But stop hogging Rachel, Norn Ireland! I know she's your homegirl, and all that, but let the rest of the world get a look see.


Helen :)