Sunday, 1 November 2009

The Friday Show Episode Two

This week's show includes celebrity guest Ross Kemp, music from Camilla Kerslake and comedy with Diarmuid Corr, all tagged onto the end of Rachel's superb rendition of the Kings Of Leon's 'Sex On Fire.'

Viewers of a sensitive disposition should be warned that there is also a guest appearance by Eamon Holme's underpants.

Click on the link below to watch the show:



Anonymous said...

Can't someone upload the songs she sings in the friday show, pleeease? I can't watch it because I live in Holland and that BBC site says that I'm not allowed to watch then, only people who live in the UK. And I want to see it so bad. :(

David said...

Hi Marinka (?) unfortunately I don't know how to upload parts of a BBC Iplayer show or even it's possible, though if anyone can, please let us know. If it's any consolation, Rachel doesn't perform entire songs on the show -- they seem to be roughly half their normal length, but needless to say that's still well worth seeing. If anyone has any suggestions as to how they can be viewed outside the UK, please get in touch.

Marinka said...

Ah okay. :( Thanks for your response anyways! Ah I thought she did but well I still would like to see it someday haha. :P I hope someone can upload parts of the show if it's possible at all.. :)