Monday, 12 October 2009

Update From Rachel!!!!

Hello! Whats the craic?-as they say in Belfast! I'm only here not even a week and Guy's already finding my Belfast brogue hard to understand!! Well, not in my writing I hope!

Mrs Retallack!! Can you believe it? I'm a married woman and I'm loving it! We had the day of our lives on Thursday 24th September and the honeymoon that followed was to match it! Thanks for coming down David and supporting!

Well the rain stayed off and the sun came out and we danced till dawn an we drank the bar pretty dry!-WE LOVED IT! I just didn't want it to end! People said it will go so quickly but Guy and I decided that it wouldn't so every hour or so we checked the time and sat back to watch all our friends and family come together and have a great time! So thanks to all the guests who made a massive effort for coming from all over to be with us on our special day. I think you'll agree it was well worth it!

Ah Ha! You have found out all about my "In the pipe line" quote! Yes I've just done a pilot for The Friday Show which is being filmed in Belfast. Its a new weekend show for Northern Ireland and I'm co-hosting with the very lovely Eamonn Holmes. Well the craic was 90! We had such a laugh doing it and it was very nice to see such great support in the audience, not only my friends and family but one of the bloggers, Victoria and her friend were right, slap, bang in the middle of the front row cheering me on and even 3 of my old school teachers turned up to show support!

It was my first time presenting anything or reading from an auto cue or having to interview someone-it really was all very new and exciting even a bit scary! Then on top of that having to make it look like I've been doing it for years and with one of the best TV presenters in the business, so I really was playing catch up! However there was a lovely comparison to the feeling of being in the studio for I'd Do Anything-I get to sing a the opening song each week and also I felt even though it wasn't presenting on IDA, it did give me a huge insight and head start for co-hosting and i was very thankful of that this weekend! But it seemed to go pretty smoothly and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. There were a few hic-ups but that's the whole reason for a pilot and I must say I'm so excited about getting in to the studio and doing it all over again next week! Were having some AMAZING guests on the programe along with huge bands, some very funny games and there is even £5000 up for grabs for a member of the studio audience! So here goes for the next six weeks and chat soon x

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Andy said...

Thanks for the update Rachel.

I'm glad your wedding was the perfect day everyone dreams about.

It's obvious from the beautiful pictures just how happy you and Guy are. Of course he has every reason to be happy as he's just married one of the most talented, beautiful ladies on Earth.

It's always exciting and a little frightening trying new things but I know you'll make a fantastic co-host on 'The Friday Show'. They are lucky to have you.

So I guess its 'Team Retallack' now then lol.