Monday, 12 October 2009

Interview With Ashley

I thought it was worth featuring this interesting WOS interview with IDA finalist Ashley Russell. As we reported earlier in the year, Ashley joined the touring production of 'We Will Rock You' and in this in-depth interview she talks about her role in the show, reminisces about her time on IDA and mentions Rachel's wedding in this section:

''Who’s your best friend from the process?
I’m very close with Rachel Tucker whose wedding I was at 2 weeks ago. She was in We Will Rock You in London. She just got married in Belfast: so Jessie Buckley, Niamh Jennings, Samantha Barks and I went over on some ridiculously early flight and had a great night. I’m very close with Jessie and very close with Jodie.

How did you cope with competitive element of the show: being friends with the other contestants whilst pitted against each other?
The only other people in the world at that time who knew how you felt were these girls. They’d also picked people who were so unbelievably different there was no comparison. You didn’t get to choose any of your songs which was a bit rubbish. I can sound amazing doing one song but if you pick one that’s not right for me, it can sound crap. So if somebody got their song, in their perfect genre every week, and you were getting the one that wasn’t, it wasn’t your fault. You just play the game. We all bought into that and all made a pact that we were a team.''

You can read the full interview by clicking on the link below.


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