Monday, 23 February 2009

Jodie's Autobiography

Yes the big day has arrived and so has my copy of Jodie's autobiography.

I haven't had a chance to read it all yet, but as you'd expect I headed straight for the IDA chapters for some juicy gossip. Unfortunately there isn't any.

Obviously with Jodie having just hit the west End, we can't expect lots of mud to be thrown around. But just a few titbits might have been nice. Or even a few exclusive IDA pics.

Some initial thoughts:

Jodie apparently has the impression that Jessie is from 'Northern Ireland' (in fact she makes the error twice). First of all, the accent is a bit of a giveaway, and secondly ROI weren't able to vote. Which might have affected the outcome but I couldn't possibly comment.

Apparently one of the girls was a 'prima donna' and was moody in the house but sweet on screen. No names. But I've personally narrowed it down to two. And neither are from Belfast. Talking of Belfast, Rachel doesn't merit much of a mention, but she's not alone in this.

Jodie's favourite was Ashley. And she really enjoyed the 'Man I Feel Like A Woman' performance (me too). And sometimes the judge's comments were hurtful.

Don't get me wrong -- Jodie comes across as a lovely person and having briefly met her at WWRY I'd have to agree. If you want a good heart-warming read, this is the book for you.

But if you're looking for juicy gossip or dirt dishing, you may need to wait for one of the other girls to put pen to paper. Anyone from Bangor reading this?


Anonymous said...

Thats dissapointing! I was hoping to some exclusives from the nancy mansion!
And the whole Jessie thing, thats ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a boring book and appalled at the fact Jodie mistook Jessie as being from N.I!!! How many weeks did you live with her?! Jodie and who-ever the half arsed editors and publishers who produced this would have made quite a chunk of money for this and they can't even get basic facts straight!! People like David and I who lovingly run our blogs for free and whom are not professional writers or journalists at least have the sense and decency to get our facts straight!
[/rant over]

dawnjessiefan said...

I noticed that David...there was an excerpt in one of the papers...the Mail. Everybody knows Killarney is in Southern Ireland! DUH!!

Anonymous said...

In this weeks OK! magazine thereis a bit about Jodies Autobiography launch.
The page features a few pics one of which is Jodie,Rachel and Ashley.
Ali x

Julie said...

Oh I hope you haven't nanrrowed it down to our Miss Lark because that would be ridiculous..