Sunday, 25 January 2009

Rachel at the Spirit of NI Awards

Rachel was one of the celebrity guests at the 'Spirit of Northern Ireland' Award ceremony, held in Belfast's Ramada Hotel on January 20th.

Also present at the event were Niamh and Ruth Lorenzo.

Needless to say your intrepid blogger wanted to be there, but at £50 a head, January funds couldn't quite stretch, particularly since his wife and daughter wanted to go too.

The good news though is that the good people at the 'Sunday Life' paper did a great job of covering the event and snapped some excellent pictures. Thanks guys!

The awards ceremony was for Northern Ireland's 'unsung heroes' and pictured here with Rachel and Niamh is the overall winner Billy McCrory. Billy, who's 'Shine A Light' charity does incredibly good work with young local cancer sufferers, was presented with a car, which he promptly put up for auction in aid of his charity. It's people like Billy who make the world a better place and the photo here of Niamh and Rachel congratulating him on his win says it all.

Rachel and Niamh are pictured here with award nominee Jo Murphy.

You can watch a video report on the event by clicking on the link below. There is a very short interview with Rachel right at the end.


There were performances on the night from Signature, those amazing guys from 'Britain's Got Talent' and of course Ruth Lorenzo who performed five numbers, including 'Purple Rain' and 'Always.' I'd like to thank the Sunday Life reporter who apparently thinks 'Knocking on Heaven's Door' was written by Led Zeppelin. Best laugh I've had in ages. I just hope Bob Dylan isn't a regular reader.


Katie said...

Someone's been tangoed...and it's definitely not Niamh. Love ya Ruth!

helen said...

Really lovely photos, and great to see Niamh and Rachel once again supporting Northern Ireland and being proud of their heritage!

Rosie said...

Katie i was going to write exactly the same thing! There has most definitely been a grave error there with the tango-ness..