Saturday, 24 January 2009

Last Chance to Vote!

The 'Whats On Stage' poll closes on 31st January, with the awards ceremony being held on 15th February.
If you haven't already voted or if you can vote from a different ISP, follow the link below:


Rachel is in the 11th category from the top ('Best Takeover in a Role').

It isn't possible to see the state of the voting any more, but Rachel was running fourth the last time I looked, so she really needs as many votes as you can manage.

There are still tickets available for the awards ceremony, and if anyone is going, please let us know. Amongst other performers will be Jodie Prenger, Sam Barks and Sarah Lark, so it will be a great night.

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jb said...

O.K D-On the case !!
best jackie