Sunday, 16 November 2008

Rocked again!

Well, I've had my traditional vegemite on toast (the ONLY way to finish off any night out) and I'm back again after another absolutely FANTASTIC night at the Dominion Theatre!
As expected, Rachel was phenomenal as Scaramouche. She was absolutely hilarious, her acting was brilliant, her singing actually just gets better and better.. and she was on stage for about 90% of the whole show! So it was great -- another amazing night.. THANK YOU RACHEL!
I decided that my student loan just about stretched to buying these tickets about a month ago.. and I'm so so so happy that I decided to go, it really was an opportunity not to be missed.
So Jo booked tickets for three of us (me, Jo and Liv) even though we'd only briefly met at opening night.. but in that short space of time it became apparent that we wouldn't be short of things to talk about! So the three of us met at Waterloo at 5 and just sat in Costa for about an hour and a half! We did indeed have plenty of things to chat about: Rachel, X Factor, Strictly Come Dancing, 'Wicked'... a bit more Rachel... and then we decided to get a move on and meet the others outside the theatre.
We met up with a rather anxious looking Andy outside Tottenham Court Rd station.. he hadn't been able to find anyone and was worried he had the wrong night! But we assured him that he had actually turned up on the right day and we were soon joined by David, Heather and Catherine. I straight away got chatting to Heather about 'Wicked'.. luckily they had all loved it which is good for two reasons.. 1) I told David that he pretty much had no choice but to like it and 2) I am yet to meet someone who hasn't absolutely loved every second, so this proved that David and his family are normal people! We met TT member Helen at the Champagne Bar before heading to our seats.
Scaramouche must be one of the most demanding roles for any actress to play. I'm sure everyone was blown away by Rachel's versatility on 'I'd Do Anything' and it came across again tonight as the two characters (Meat and Scaramouche) are not very similar at all. Rachel absolutely stunned me, Jo and Liv with her performance of 'Somebody to love'. She was absolutely fantastic and her voice is actually getting better and better. She was sensational.
It would be way too long for me to go into detail about every song that Rachel sang throughout the performance as there were just so so many.. but my highlights were 'Somebody to love', 'Under pressure' and 'Live forever', however I can honestly say there was not a song that she did not deliver on, in the most sensational way. She was just brilliant, as she was throughout 'I'd Do Anything' and as she was on the 22nd September when she first opened as Meat. I'm sure I'm preaching to the converted when I say just how amazingly talented Rachel is and I thoroughly enjoyed every single second of her performance this evening. And tonight wasn't just about her singing. Scaramouche demands a strong actress and Rachel fits the bill perfectly. She was hilarious -- some of her lines had me in stitches! (the one about the rabbit in a bowler hat, cooking an omelette!!). She was just a wonderful all-rounder tonight. Oh, and in her interview at the Proms where she mentions having two left feet.. SO not true! She is a fantastic dancer as well!
After the performance we headed to the stage door, hoping again for a few autographs and maybe a few pictures. Once again, Rachel came through the stage door and just stood there, chatting to us all for ages. She posed for pictures, signed programs and tickets and was generally just lovely, all over again! She recognised us from Opening night and gave Catherine (David's daughter) a very warm welcome as well. She told us all about the show and joked about some of the crazy fans that some of the other actors have acquired as well as the Weakest Link (assuring us that she's not actually perfect!) and answered all of our questions with no sign of impatience or anything. I can't emphasise enough just how lovely this girl is!
I asked Rachel who had been playing Meat for that performance and I can't remember her full name..I'm pretty sure it was Amanda something.. But anyway, I thought she deserved a special mention (so it's actually kinda rubbish that I can't remember her name!) as she was pretty fantastic and a great substitute for Rachel.
At the end of another fabulous night, she headed off for a well deserved drink and TT parted ways at the station.
It was so lovely to see you all again and brilliant to meet those who I didn't already know...(Hi Naomi.. sorry we didn't get a chance to chat properly!) Thank you to you all for making is such a special night!
Special thank you to Jo and Liv for a pretty fantastic evening from start to finish.. I loved every second!
And if you haven't been to see WWRY yet GO AND SEE IT ASAP! The whole show will blow your mind.


David said...

Another great review Rosie and another great night.
I was a bit upset about Rachel claiming to have two left feet TBH as I genuinely DO have two left feet on the dancefloor.

Andy said...

I should have come and joined you guys for coffee. A chat about Rachel, Strictly Come Dancing and X-Factor would be right up my street. I could talk about Rachel all night and I'm a bit of a TV junkie when it comes to those sort of shows.

I'll probably end up watching I'm a Celebrity now as well lol.

olivia said...

Wicked review rosie! (notice my choice of adjective ) lol.
Had a great night from start to end as well! Look forward to meeting up again :)