Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Reason To Believe (Audio)

Over the next few days we'll be adding some audio from when Rachel appeared in 'Tonight’s the Night'.

Unfortunately the quality isn't great - you'll have to turn your speakers up quite loud - but I'm sure you'll agree they are still worth posting.

We're not 100% sure all of these songs feature the beautiful vocals of Miss Tucker but have a listen and let us know if you think you can hear our girl.

We are going to start with 'Reason to Believe' because we know for sure Rachel shines in this number because Stephen Foster picks her out for special praise in his review of the show for BBC Suffolk.



Kristin Nicole said...

Hey Andy, did the audios I sent you not work? They're much louder than these...and I can tell you which ones of them are Rachel b/c I asked the person who...made the audios....eep....I just outed myself. Must go hide from the Feds!

Andy said...

Hey Krissie

The audios you sent me worked fine thanks. We were waiting for a quiet time to post them but I have to admit I'd completely forgotten until another reader also sent them to me last week.

I've played both sets of audios and they sound identical to me.

Does Rachel feature in all the audios you sent me?

Kristin Nicole said...

Hey Andy :) Yeah she's featured in all of them. I think there may be a song or two where it's her and someone else, or her and the ensemble btu she's featured :)

Andy said...

Thanks Krissie

I thought she probably did feature in all the tracks you sent me but it was a little difficult to tell on a couple of them.