Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Hollie's WWRY Review

Amazingly, Team Tucker members Emily and Hollie both went to the same WWRY matinee performance last week and both met Rachel at the stage door afterwards, but didn't know each other! However it does mean we have two great reviews to feature.

Hollie or Holz as she is known on the blog is the youngest TT member at 11 and it's wonderful to see how Rachel's talent is appreciated by such a wide age range.
Thanks for your review Hollie and remember we're always delighted to feature reviews and/or photos with Rachel so keep sending them in!

"I got to the dominion at about 1 which was way too early! (Believe me if you think im a person who always gets to places early you got it very wrong! So this was pretty amazing that i atchually got somewhere early!). I took some pics and then asked my dad if we could go to the stage door after, after about half an hour of continuous nagging he finally said yes!WOO!

We spent ages finding the stage door to make sure we knew where it was. Then we grabbed some lunch and went back to the dominion. I bought a t-shirt and programme and went to the seats, we were seeing the matinee performance.

Anyway I found out that we had front row in the stalls!!!!!!!!! I was jumping with joy! Anyway we had to wait ages for we will rock you to start! Then the intro came on and everyone started clapping! Then it all started! The actors were all REALLY good. I was really close, the only problem was that the stage was quite high up lol!

I was really enjoying the performance, Sabrina who played scaramouche was AMAZING!!!!!!! Her comic timing was spot on! As Emily mentioned a group of Sabrina fans shouted out "THANK YOU SABRINA!"! Then i heard a famliar Irish accent and then rachel popped out of the trap door right in front of me! Rachel was amazing!!!! Rachel's singing was spot on and easily stood out! Her rendition on No one but you was soooo AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!
Rachel and Ian (brit) were really funny and both had amazing vocals, and both did some amazing dancing. At the end the most cheering went to Ian, Rachel and Sabrina.

I went to the stage door after the show and was lucky enough to see Rachel! There was this person in front taking pics with rachel with her three kids, and she went on and on and on, she even asked "so what do you do know?" and Rachel was really patient and answered the many thousands of questions, then i met Rachel. She was really nice and down to earth! So I had a pic taken and rachel signed my programme! Rachel only came up to my eye and i'm 11! Im must be taller than i thought. You have got to see We will rock you, it's the best show EVER!"

From Hollie


Emma said...

i have a photo with Rachel :)
want me to send it in?

David said...

Yeah that would be great! Email to dlar193076@aol.com