Friday, 3 October 2008

What Other Roles Would You Choose For Rachel?

Now you may remember a few weeks back we made a post asking you to choose our next poll.


Well that was fantastically bad timing on our behalf as it came just before the Proms, Hyde Park and Opening Night so in the end we decided to shelve it until things calmed down.

We're expecting October to be a fairly quiet month and therefore feel it might be a good opportunity to try again.

Despite our poor timing we still received some terrific ideas, the most popular and our personal favourite being "What other roles would you like to see Rachel in?"

I'm sure we all agree that Rachel has the talent and versatility to play almost any role and we could even include 2 from 'We Will Rock You', Scaramouche - for which Rachel is currently understudy - and Killer Queen.

Before we add the poll we'd like you to send us all your suggestions for what you'd like to see Rachel in next.

Simply leave a comment on this post or send us an email listing the show and characters name that you think would be perfect for our girl.


David said...

Well I've just booked for 'Wicked' the night before Scaramouche, so I'd suggest Elphaba.

ChrisH said...

Velma Kelly for sure!

Lindsey said...

I have to agree with David, I would love to see Rachel as Elphaba.

helen said...

She would excel as Sally Bowles in Cabaret if her rendition of the song itself is anything to go by!!

But then I also think she's so versatile she'd be pretty awesome as Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady.

Emilia Lucia said...

I think I suggested this!!!
Its great how all of us who love Rachel also think alike tooo!:)

1.Eliza Doolittle (My Fair Lady)
2.Sally Bowles (Cabaret)
3.Donna Sheridan (Mamma Mia)
4.Velma Kelly (Chicago)
5.Maureen (Rent)
6.Mary Poppins (The Musical)

They're just my top 6! And I fully believe they're she's capable of all of them, and it does (as Helen said!) show her versatility!


katee said...

Oh my god i love the idea of Donna Sherdian...but living up to the ledgend that is the Streep i think only one person could do it- Rachel!!

Velma Kelly she would be amazing aswell!!

Also, for some weird reason am fairly loving the idea of the dance teacher in Billy Elliot because she is ssooo funny and my fab character out of the whole thing!!

Also loving Elphaba!

Rosie said...

Haha i have been thinking of this for a looong time. Here goes:

1) Elphaba -- didn't spring to mind at first and the idea has taken some getting to used to, just cos i know the Wicked soundtrack WAY too well..but hearing her sing No One But You and sounding just as phenoemenal as the amazing Kerry, i can now see her as a brilliant Elphaba. The idea of her singing The Wizard And I is just AMAZING!!!

2) Maureen (Rent) -- think she may have already played her, but i think she would be fantastic

3) Velma Kelly (Chicago) -- after seeing her performance at the Proms, she'd be amazing!

4) Mary Magdalene (Jesus Christ Superstar) SIMPLY because i'd love to see her singing 'I Don't Know How To Love Him'

5) Sally Bowles (Cabaret) -- but i guess that kind of goes without saying

6) NANCY (Oliver, of course!) -- clearly the best one there. Still hasnt quite hit me yet.

7) OBVIOUSLY Scaramouche and Meat

8) I'd quite like to see her as Maria in the Sound Of Music actually

9) Carmen (Fame)

10) Narrator (in Joseph)

11) Fantine (Les Miserables)

Those are all that spring to mind at the moment, but i'm sure i'll be adding to that list when anything else comes to me!!!

Naomi said...

I would have to put her in the shows I want to see so that would be:
Lion King
mary Poppins
Mama Mia
and Wicked

I have alreay seen Oliver and Sound of music (with Connie Fisher) so I wouldn't see them again inless RT was in it. But she would be a brilliant Nancy.

And lastly I would go see Les Mes for a 3rd time if she were in it.

Jill R said...

I think she'd make a fabulous Anita in West Side Story.

Kristin Nicole said...

A lot of you probably wont know my suggestions b/c I don't think a lot of these have played over there (could be wrong), but here goes my list.

1. Julia in Wedding Singer. Such a FUN role, she's silly but serious and gets to belt her face off in songs like "Come Out of the Dumpster" and "If I Told You"

2. Holly in Wedding Singer. Not sure what her dancing skills are at, but she can CERTAINLY sing the part, Holly's the belter of the show.

3. Miss Adelaide in Guys and Dolls. It's opening on Broadway next year! Hop to it Rachel! WWRY can miss you for a little while!

4. Nellie in South Pacific. As much as I haaaaaaate that show, I think she could rock it out.

5. Kate Monster - Ave Q. Just to hear her sing "Fine Line"

6. Betty in White Christmas. She could rock that show, as cheesy cornball as it is. Now "Falling Out of Love Can Be Fun" will be stuck in my head.

7. Louise in Gypsy. Laura Benanti is NAILING this role on Broadway right now (seriously, I saw it and HATED Patti LuPone (I know, shock and awe) but LOVED LOVED LOVED Laura), and I think she and Rachel are kind of the same type-ish. Laura also played Julia in Wedding Singer on Broadway

8. Lady of the Lake in Spamalot. Come on, it's Monty Python! I think she'd be the only woman to ever give Sara Ramirez a run for her money on fiercest belter to have played the role, and Sara won a Tony for it (she's now Callie on Grey's Anatomy in case anyone watches...)

9. Olive Ostrovsky in The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. She's short enough to play a kid ;) and Olive's got the best songs. (all the roles are children played by adults, so I'm not being mean!)

10. Carla in Nine. Seriously, "Phone Call from the Vatican" when Jane Krakowski did it was one of the best moments ever. Rachel could rock it, and do the infamous aerial stunt (as she's proven she's good with stunts lol) where she enters the stage via silks from the ceiling (think kind of Cirque du Soliel).

11. Lola in Damn Yankees. As much as I hate this show, she could rock "Whatever Lola Wants".

12. Mother in Ragtime, or Evelyn Nesbit in Ragtime. Mother has the most BEAUTIFUL songs in the show, and is the real acting role of the piece. Evelyn is more fun, but a semi bit part. She's got one song, wears next to nothing, and is the "girl on the swing".

13. Witch in Into the Woods...who wouldn't want to hear her sing The Last Midnight?!

Okay that's partially my list. If anyone wants "exposure" to the shows I listed if you haven't heard me!

Bluelark said...

I'd absolutely love to see her as Fantine in Les Miserables! She could completely nail the character aswell as the singing.

I also think she could be a great Kate Monster in Avenue Q!

holz said...

1) Lady Marmalade (disco inferno)
2) Carmen (Fame)
3) Nancy (Oliver)
4) Sally Bowles (Cabaret)
5) Elphaba (Wicked)

My top 5! can't wait to see rachel in we will rock you nov 25th!!!!

Laur... said...

Fantine in Les Mis, please! =D And Sarah can play Eponine... I'd die of *SQUEE* Haha!

Also loving the suggestion of Velma Kelly!