Thursday, 2 October 2008

Happy Birthday Karen!!!!

Shortly after Andy and I set up the blog, I contacted Karen who was running Rachel's IDA Facebook Group. She turned out to be not only a close friend of Rachel's, but also one of the stars of the Wizard of Oz production in Belfast's Lyric Theatre. In fact we had briefly met before when Karen induced a near heart attack by appearing from a side door during the show, right beside where I was sitting. Thanks for that.
Karen played the dual role of Glinda and Auntie Em and had proved a big hit with my daughter, who gave me full permission to work with her on the blog. Though I should perhaps mention that I would have done so anyway.

Karen proved to be an absolute God-send. As well as providing fascinating material for the site, including backstage photos, great articles and the priceless Annie video, she was also able to give us invaluable information on Rachel's early career and provide a vital link to Rachel herself. Her contributions and advice have been absolutely vital to our success.

But that's not all. Karen is also a highly versatile and talented performer. In addition to her myriad theatrical roles, she is a beautiful singer and we were blown away by her performance in the Abba Legends Show in Killarney last August. Her solo rendition of 'The Winner Takes It All' is worth the price of admission alone.

But most of all Karen is a very special person to know. She not only put on a terrific performance at Killarney, she made us all feel incredibly welcome both before and after the show.

She is never too busy to answer a panicky email or dispense some good advice. Time and again she has been there when I most needed her. Her many attributes include a great sense of humour, complete honesty and absolute loyalty to her friends. Rachel, Richard, Matt, myself and a hundred others are incredibly lucky to have this lady in our lives.

I am very proud to call her my friend.


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Rosie said...

Happy Birthday Karen!!!

Rosie x x x

jb said...

Gosh Rosie ! thought I was the one who stayed up too late!
Karen-Enjoy your day,eat drink & be merry!
very best wishes on your birthday. x

helen said...

Have the happiest birthday, Karen!
Helen :)

Andy said...

David said it all perfectly; as always lol.

Happy Birthday Karen !!

Julie said...

Happy Birthday from Sarah Lark Fan Blog!!

Julie xx.

Katie said...

Happy Birthday Karen!
Was nice meeting you at WWRY, albeit v.briefly!
Enjoy your day xx

Ruth said...

Happy Birthday Karen! xx