Thursday, 9 October 2008

A Quick Reminder...

This friday evening, at 7:30pm, Andrew Lloyd Webber's 60th Birthday Party is being played on BBC Radio 2.

As one of the lucky ones who managed to get to this event, I'd really recommend it -- I'm sure it sounds absolutely fantastic! Really was one of the best evenings of my life!

One thing: I'm sure they've edited John Barrowman's presenting very well, so it sounds extremely smooth.. It was NOT like this at all! Anyone who was there can tell you just how many times he had to do some of the links -- he kept laughing!

David Says: Thanks for this reminder Rosie -- also worth a peep at Andrew Lloyd Webber's Official Site for some great Hyde Park photos. Unfortunately Rachel only appears in one (above) but there are some great shots of the other performers.

Link here:



David said...

Let's hope they include 'Light At The End of The Tunnel' featuring Rachel's glorious one line!

Emilia Lucia said...


Hope the weekends going okay for everyone on the blog:)

Georgia said...

That is very true about the links, i remember doing to one for jodie about three times because john barrowman kept fluffling his lines!!
The nancys and josephs sounded really good on this podcast!!!

Georgia said...

I really think they should do a CD/DVD of the evening, i'd certainly buy it!!

Rosie said...

I'd love a DVD of the evening as well. Wonder if its available anywhere, they definitely filmed it! I was almost knocked out by one of the cameras as it came swinging round!