Tuesday, 7 October 2008

A Non-Rachel Fan's Opinion

With absolutely no permission whatsoever, I'm publishing this extract from a blog by someone called Kenny Baxter. Kenny obviously has no particular knowledge of Rachel and isn't a fan, which makes his opinion all the more valid. He is a regular visitor to 'We Will Rock You' and this is his opinion of the new cast member:

"Meat – Rachel Tucker – I am not by any stretch of the imagination a fan of reality shows, or the method of casting, but sometimes it finds a real talent, this year “I'd do anything” has done just that, with several people, seeing Niamh and Sarah in Edinburgh was good enough, but this is the west end, a whole different quality is needed to remain consistent. Rachel brings to stage an Irish meat, who is bubbly, sexy, lively, and a fantastic singer. A brilliant reflection on her performance for her to get a good review from me, I normally take a while to settle into a meat, but Rachel has entered into the top of my favourites list very quickly. Only one fault to her performance was forgetting parts of a dance, and not doing quite a long enough “yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaah” when first coming onto stage, but these are things which can only be improved upon."

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