Friday, 26 September 2008


Astonishingly, this is our 200th post in less than four months. And we cruised past forty thousand hits on Wednesday as well. Thinking about how far both Rachel and our blog have travelled in such a short time is little short of mind-blowing.

I was just scanning the site last night and couldn't help noticing row upon row of happy smiling faces, all because of one person. Rachel has the natural ability to inspire devotion and brighten everyone's lives and I couldn't be happier that I'm no longer alone in this opinion. The feedback from Monday night has been way beyond expectations -- several have described it as one of the best nights of their life and everyone wants to go back. Hopefully the Dominion realise what a great asset they have.

We've just heard that Rachel will definitely be Scaramouche on the 15th November, so we're going to go for that night as it seems to suit most of you.

And a wee bit of other IDA news -- Julie has just announced on the 'Sarah Lark Fan Blog' that Sarah will be cover for Nancy in the West End production, and will be in the ensemble every night. Great news for the Larkabouts and well done Sarah!


Andy said...

The only date I can definitely do would be the evening performance on Saturday 15th.

I can't do the 8th or 14th and the 7th might be a problem.

Rosie said...

Row H will be a brilliant view i'm sure. I was in S and it was still fine

holz said...

Is rachel not playing meat then?!
<(0_o)>? I am going on the wednesday in half term! does anyone know if rachel will be playing meat in that performance?

Andy said...

What date does that Wednesday in half term fall on Holz?

holz said...

um hang on........ The 29th of october i am going in the afternoon! fingers crossed is there any way u can find out?

Andy said...

Rachel will be playing Meat on the 29th October. Her 2 week stint as Scaramouche starts Nov 1st.

holz said...

so do you know if she is definatley in it or can you not garuntee it? sorry i cant spell :S
Cause i went to see jospeh wiv tara in it? :S and the understudy was on

Andy said...

She hasn't informed us at this stage about any holidays so as far as we know she should be performing on the 29th.

As soon as we know any holiday dates we'll post them on the blog.

Laur... said...

Gosh... I'm off uni that week. How tempted am I!? Eeek!!

& well done Sarah! =D *happy dance*