Friday, 26 September 2008

Book Now!!!

Well after phoning around various different places I eventually ended up back at Ticketmaster and secured 4 tickets for Row G, Seats 26-29 in the Circle for the 7:30pm performance on Saturday 15th November 2008.

I asked if there were any seats free nearby and to my surprise they said seats 30-38 in the very same row were available.

I'm afraid these are top price tickets - £71.00 including service charge and postage - but you should have a fantastic view and of course the pleasure of sitting next to me and David lol.

Anybody interested in obtaining one of these tickets should phone the Ticketmaster hotline: 0870 534 444

Trust David to have the evening off when I needed him most LOL. Still he has a good excuse, it's his daughters Birthday.



helen said...

Sorry folks, I'm afraid I've relieved you of the privilege of sitting next to David or Andy by nabbing Seat 30 in Row G.
Looking forward to meeting some of you on the night!

Andy said...

Nice one Helen! See you there.

Naomi said...

See have tickets in circle row B for £61. I'm bringing my birthday forward a month. Will book tickets tomorrow morning. I have to wait for the disability phone line to open to make sure its accessible. Hope to see you all there.

Andy said...

That's great Naomi. I hope you get something sorted.

As David says in his post above, it doesn't really matter where everyone is sitting.

There will be opportunities to meet up with other TT members before and after the show.

ChrisH said...

Circle, Row G seat 21 for me.... like I was going to miss this!

If anyone will be up for meeting up say mid-afternoon for a bite to eat, drink, and of course to chat about our favourite future Broadway star, I'm happy to try and source an appropriate venue*

(* = pub that sells real ale)