Tuesday, 23 September 2008

She is the champion - my friend

Thankyou Rosie and Eleanor for writing such a fantastic review of Rachels Westend debut. You are so right; she really did 'Rock Us' - the full house and the whole of Theatreland last night.
This has been Rachels dream for as long as she can remember and I can't think of a better show for her to make her Westend dreams come true.
Apologies for not adding many photos but David had the camera and will post some when he arrives home from London this evening. I borrowed this one of Rosie...x
I shall now attempt to write my experience of last night whilst nursing a fantastic hangover!

Richard (hubby) and I were very excited for a few reasons. Firstly that were going to see Rachel, meeting David and Andy who have been such wonderful supporters of our friend and ask nothing in return and secondly that Richard and I were actually getting a night out and not have to rush back early to relieve a babysitter. So we made full use of our freedom.
We arrived at the theatre about 6.45 picked up our tickets at the box office and headed straight to the bar for a quick drink... but it seems that David and Andy had beaten us to it lol. First thing I noticed was that the beer came in plastic bottles and immediately I thought this show (which we had not yet seen) was gonna be like a rock concert...AND IT WAS!

The atmosphere in the theatre was electric... the crowd went wild from the very beginning and I knew we were in for an amazing night. Every single performer in the show was a class act and I have to admit I was really nervous for Rachel but sure enough after about 20 mins I heard a Belfast accent and Rachel appeared from under the trapdoor to a warm and welcoming cheer from the audience and it was evident that she has now become a true musical star. Rachel appeared looking like a Bohemian rock queen. I was delighted to hear her using her own accent as this is part or what makes Rachel, Rachel; and she told me after the show that Ben Elton loves her regional accent and felt it worked perfectly for the role. Rachel was partered with a very hunky male actor (Britney) you could see they had immediate chemistry onstage. Rachel looked very comfortable onstage and showed no sign of any nerves she must have been feeling. Then before you could say 'It's a Kinda Magic' she was dueting with Britney with an amazing version of 'I Want It All' and I was blown away. I'm always blown away by our girl but her voice was on top form. It was powerful and her energy and stage presence was electric. Her big number 'Only The Good Die Young' was undoubtedly the best number in the show and Rachel sang it from her soul, with depth and emotion and a voice that soared beyond the gods and I have to admit in all the years I have known Rachel I have never heard her sing like that not even on IDA and indeed Rosie I had a tear in my eye which I struggled to keep at bay during the interval. I was so proud of her but can't even begin to imagine how proud Guy and her parents were to see her come so far.
When Mazz Murray as 'Killerqueen' came on and commanded the stage with her amazingly individual and mezmerising voice but I could definately see a younger Rachel in her performance. In fact Rachel is such a strong actress and singer that she could play all the female lead parts in this show... but for now we have the pleasure of Rachels performance dominating the last 40 mins of the first half but I would have like to see more of her in the second half.
The show ended with an impressive company number of 'Bohemian Rapsody' and Richard and I were truely happy to have been in the audience at a show we didnt have much interest in seeing until Rachel landed her big role...but now I'm hooked and as Arnie says "I'll be back"

David, Andy, and the rest of TT congregated outside the theatre for a quick photo and then it was time to go our separate ways. TT headed off to the stage door to meet Rachel and Richard and I headed off to a hotel around the corner where we were invited to join the family for a few drinks. We waited for Rachel to arrive and greet all her family which included a coach party from Coventry and Jodie and Ashley who patiently and willingly signed autographs and posed for photos. Rachel's dad in true Belfast style got out his banjo and entertained the whole bar with a medley of old Al Jolson, George Formby and a few Irish numbers thrown in whilst the whole family sung along... and there she was buzzing from the performance and relieved to get the first show over with. Rachel said she had a ball and Ben Elton came backstage to congratulate her on a fantastic first show and it was like she was born for the part.

Rachel was born to be on stage and The Dominion will be home for the next year and maybe more? that is... if Broadway hasnt scooped her up already by then.
Thankyou to Emma Little for sending us this link for a sneak preview of Rachels performance.


Anonymous said...

Sounds great Karen, just watched this wee video - looking forward to seeing it at somepoint maybe early nxt year.


Emma Little

Rachel said...

Wow thanks for that link, it was great to see a little taster of Rachel in the show and thanks for the review Karen, i am now looking forward to going to see her more than ever now. i cant wait.
Well done Rachel, we knew you could do it, you are a star.


Rosie said...

Karen - glad you liked the photograph! I love that one. It was such a special night and a real honour to be there and to share it with you - her close friends and family.

I'm still buzzing from the incredible atmosphere and really cannot wait to do it all again soon.

Also, cannot believe how LOVELY Rachel is!!!!! But then you are lovely too for putting up with gushing Rachel-fans like me rambling on about how brilliant she is.. when you already know!
So thank you for a truly fantastic night.

Golden Anemone said...

Hey, I'm so glad Rachel's first night went so well and that TT had such a great time. Watched the clip and she looks and sounds wonderful.

Well done Rachel indeed.

Anne xx

katee said...

aww that sounds ssooo amazing honey.

Sound like Rach was amazing- but we knew she would be.

I just saw this advertisment-