Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Rachel ROCKED us!!!!!

(Sorry about the 'catchy' heading -- we had the whole tube journey home to think of something special and that was the best we could come up with -- I think we were both still quite speechless from an absolutely sensational night!)

This is Rosie and Eleanor by the way. For some reason David and Andy have entrusted us with the massive responsibilty of writing Rachel's first WWRY review... So here goes!

We arrived at the Dominion Theatre in Tottenham Court Road just before 6pm. We'd spent so many months looking forward to this evening and knew it was just going to be amazing! We met David, Andy, Katie (and her sister, Hannah), Jackie, Jo and Chris outside the theatre. It was really odd to finally meet these people after only knowing them through facebook and this blog! Everyone seemed really excited but nervous at the same time.

After we had both collected our tickets, we made our way to the Champagne Bar upstairs and congregated with the rest of Team Tucker, including Karen and her lovely husband who kept us entertained with various Rachel-anecdotes! The announcement soon rang out, inviting us all to take our seats so we headed our seperate ways agreeing to meet up during the interval.

We both headed to the stalls along with Karen and Richard before hearing someone shouting "JODIE!" behind us -- Jodie and Ashley were heading to their seats!! They were already chatting to various members of Team Tucker so we decided to wait until the interval to approach them.

We took our seats and as the curtain went up, we both just said "Wow! This is it! Can you believe we're here?!"

We sat through the most electrifying 15-20 minutes of musical theatre before seeing Rachel. The whole cast were incredible and had such an energetic and positive vibe -- everyone was clapping and singing along straight away.

Then suddenly from underneath the stage we heard those familiar irish tones, and up popped Rachel as we have never seen her before! Gone was the Nancy yellow, Rachel was now decked out as a true rock chick! She looked absolutely fantastic and you could immediately tell that this part was made for her. Her first song was 'I want it all' (a duet with 'Britney'). We were blown away by her stage presence and her amazingly powerful voice! Having only heard her on screen before and briefly at Hyde Park, we were determined to soak up every second of every performance she gave.

Shortly after this came Rachel's big moment -- the beautiful 'No One But You (Only the Good Die Young). This performance gave me goosebumps! She was absolutely sensational. Having listened to Kerry Ellis singing this song so many times, it was hard to imagine how anyone could top her. Rachel rose to the challenge and delivered the most breathtaking rendition I have ever heard. She looked unbelievably comfortable up on stage -- centre of attention and wowing a West End audience. It was so clear then that this is what Rachel was born to do - and she was loving every second!

During the interval, Eleanor and I found Team Tucker by the bar. Karen professed to being so proud of Rachel and actually shedding a tear during 'No One But You'! Every single one of us was blown away. Of course it's not surprising that Rachel would deliver the most stunning performance ever, it was just amazing to witness!

Just as we were about to return to our seats, Eleanor and I saw Jodie coming up to the bar! We asked if we could get a picture with her and she happily obliged and told us just how proud she was of Rachel and what an amazing job she was doing. I have to say just how lovely Jodie was -- she was a pleasure to meet and such a friendly and bubbly character!

As expected, Rachel was just as brilliant throughout the second half of the performance. She appeared to be having the time of her life up on stage and it was just fantastic to see.

'We Will Rock You' closed in spectacular style with the cast singing the title song, along with 'We Are The Champions'. I've never before been at a performance where the whole cast received a standing ovation from the audience -- the atmosphere was amazing. Everyone was on their feet, clapping and singing along. It was fantastic and a brilliant way to close an absolutely incredible show.

After the show, we dashed to the stage door thinking that it really would be the icing on the cake to glimpse Rachel.

She appeared after about 15 minutes and I can honestly say, she is one of the friendliest and most approachable people EVER! She posed for hundreds of photographs, signed plenty of programs and tickets even though her pen kept running out! She was lovely and had time for every single person there, stopping to thank each and every one of us for coming to see and support her. It was an absolute pleasure to meet and talk to Rachel and really topped off the most amazing evening. It was very touching to see her run and greet Jodie and Ashley (who we had just been chatting to!) who were both so happy for her. She eventually left with Guy who was perhaps the proudest man in London right then! It was really nice talking to him having only ever seen him briefly before.

So there we have it -- yet more proof that Rachel is an absolutely amazing peformer and just happens to be one of the most open and friendly girls I've ever met. We've had the most fantastic evening -- it was wonderful to see Rachel in her rightful place - centre stage in the West End!

I've already got my tickets booked to go and do it all again soon!


Anonymous said...

Oh My GOD!!!!!!! I can't stop smiling it sounds amazing Rosie thank you for reviewing so quickly!

i feel awful now that i couldn't be there it would've been a night to remember!

time to go look at facebook pictures! lol

(love the above pic! Andy somehow showed that he doesn't care where he is at that moment! lol

rogt said...

As a visiting Jessie fan - we went last night. Rachel was excellent, she certainly makes her presence known on stage!! Her main song "Only the Good Die Young" was the best sung of the evening - marvellous!! (Even though I'm preaching to the converted!!) My wife and I really enjoyed it and it was nice to meet all sorts of people like David and Andy and a bunch of Jessieists as real people! I had my specially made Tuckerz n Buckerz T shirt on which you might see a photo of in due course!! Best wishes to you all.

jo said...

Oh my god rosie, brilliant review, i knew you would find the right words to say, and you included every second that we all experienced there together. i am still buzzing from actually meeting rachel, i totally agree with you she is one of the most friendliest, kindest, modest and just generally loveliest person you could ever meet!!!

Thanks for letting me share such an awesome evening with you guys!

jo xx

Derrers said...

Brilliant review Rosie. It really brings the show back to me.
Rachel was absolutely fantastic, but then again, we all knew she would be. The whole show was mindblowing. I'm also a visiting Jessie fan and and can only echo rogt in saying it was great to meet up with real people as opposed to only chatting online. The only problem is, I definitely will have to see Rachel and this show again! Now where did I put that credit card....

Rosie said...

Thanks so much for your lovely comments -- as soon as we got in we got to it! And were so excited to do so.. although i honestly believe that none of my words could truly do justice to such an incredible evening.
It really was brilliant.
I'm going to do another post of all of my pictures from last night.
Unfortunately i look horrendous in all of them... but aahh well, i finally met Rachel and that was good enough for me!

jb said...

What a delight to share such a memorable day-thanks for the warm welcomes.
As for YOU, Ms Tucker..one word..'WOW!!' (D, you understand)! Rachel- looked like you were having a 'Blaaaasssttt!' as our dear Jessie may say...long may that energy continue..you stole the show,and made me cry with that awesome solo!!
So D,bet you've still got the foot cream..haven't you !?ha.
not quite the mail train,but it was close shave !!

Anonymous said...

Went to the show last night and absolutly loved it! Rachel was AMAZING!!
Managed to get a autograph and pic with her which made my night she was lovely! Also had the pleasure of chatting to some of her relatives who were the friendliest people ive ever met (hello if your reading this!)
Got chatting to Jodie and Ashley before and after the show they were so proud of Rachel was so nice to see!
Am definatly going to see it again!

Ali xx