Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Some more pictures from Rachel's opening night!

Standing outside the Dominion!!

During the interval, we met Jodie! Who turned out to be lovely, really sweet and funny and a pleasure to meet.

Jodie, pictured with Hannah during the interval

Some of TEAM TUCKER outside the theatre after the most incredible performance

Chris with Ashley and Jodie whilst waiting for Rachel at the stage door

And it's RACHEL!!! Looking absolutely lovely.. just such a gorgeous girl

Eleanor meets Rachel

Chris and Rachel

David and Rachel!

Rachel meets the two main bloggers

It was so lovely seeing Rachel greeting Jodie and Ashley and it was clear that they're still very good friends -- really nice of them to come and support her! And Jodie kept telling me just how proud she was of Rachel.

Me with Rachel and Guy!

And I know David's already put this picture up, but I had to do so again as I absolutely love it. Rachel just looks gorgeous! And I can't believe I've finally met her!! I think my massive smile says it all!
What a fantastic night!


David said...

Brilliant Rosie -- lovely pics!
Looks like I missed out on a photo op with Jodie because of a long queue for the loo. Bah.

This Blog said...

my stance in my photo is pretty horrendous, but all the photos are brill! loving all these reviews too :)

David said...

Who is 'this blog'? That you Jodie?
Your stance is lovely whoever you are :)

This Blog said...

it's hannah, i have no idea why it says 'this blog'! I'll have to sort that one out

haha 'that you jodie'