Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Get Rocked Again!

First of all I want to say how great it is to have FOUR blog reviews of Rachel's triumphant opening night. And there's another one below from 'The Stage', with major praise for our girl.

I've now heard from everyone who was there with the Team Tucker group and all had a brilliant night.

Several of us discussed how great it would be if we knew in advance when Rachel will be playing the main female role of Scaramouche. Well we didn't have to wait too long, as I've been informed that this will happen from the 3rd to the 15th November.

If you're not totally familiar with the show, Rachel's main part as the Meat character involves being on stage quite a lot, but her two main songs are the duet with Britney 'I Want It All' and of course the show-stopping solo; 'No-one But You (Only The Good Die Young)'. As Scaramouche, Rachel will be on stage for roughly two thirds of the show, with a lot more dialogue and a lot more vocal activity.

This will be a superb chance to see her in this highly demanding role and is most definitely worth making another journey for.

So if you were one of the lucky ones attending opening night, or you have a ticket for a show beyond November or you don't have a ticket at all, you're more than welcome to join us on the night.

At this point, we're open to suggestions for a suitable date. I'm hoping to bring the family so would prefer a Friday or Saturday night for school purposes, but we're throwing it entirely open to you. You can email either me or Andy or simply leave a comment on this post. Just tell us which night you'd prefer and we'll work something out. I would suggest leaving our final decision for about a week until we've got everyone's input.

Please note that you DON'T have to be a Team Tucker member for this. Buckley Brigadiers, Larkabouts and those of no affiliation are all more than welcome.

I'd also like to salute the Buckley Brigadiers who turned up on Monday night to enjoy the show. Although your idol wasn't able to attend, I know you were all hugely impressed with Rachel's performance. Also a special mention for three ladies from that select group whom I met up with for a pre-theatre meal on Monday. Thank you so much for your company -- it made a wonderful day even more special.


I'd also like to thank Team Tucker member Daibhid for updating Rachel's Wikipedia page today:



Chris Worthing said...

Well,being absolutely selfish ha ha and having been unable to make the opening night,Id suggest Friday 7th November (as its my birthday on the 6th but hey a Friday night would be better for everyone,including David!).

Andy said...

I wondered whether Saturday 15th might be suitable as nobody would have to get time off work - unless of course you work Saturdays - , school or college and Rachel would be well into the role after 2 weeks practice.

helen said...

That sounds great!! I'm only an hour from London so can hop on a train after work either on a Friday or a Saturday. I'd LOVE to go and see Rachel play Scaramouche, after all, can you have too much Rachel??
And to go as part of Team Tucker would be the icing on the very delicious cake!!

Emilia Lucia said...


IM GOING TO SEE HER ON THE 21ST NOVEMBER I THINK! I will miss her as the lead by like 6 days:(((

Pahhh Im jealous of all of youuu!x

Rachel said...

I havent got tickets yet but was planning on going in feb for my birthday but i can go again then too coz i would love to go see Rachel in this role too and it would be great to meet all you guys at the same time, it looks like you had so much fun on opening night. if i were to suggest a night i would say the 1st coz it will be sort of like another opening night for Rachel in her new role but i can probably do any of the other dates too apart from the 15th.
im so excited now!!

Chris Worthing said...

Im really happy to go with the flow though,Im not tied to the 7th or anything,frankly any date in early November would be fine for me,its just going to be fab to make it there!And I want to meet everyone else too!

Emilia Lucia said...

actually, to be honest (and im sure you would all agree with me!) any rachel is better than no rachel!

ChrisH said...

Any of the dates work for me in principle and I am definitely up for this. My only reservation about Thursday / Friday / Saturday is ticket availability.

I'm assuming we'll all want good seats given that Rachel will be on stage for about 70% of the time!