Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Our Best Hyde Park Photos Yet!!!!

Woah! We've just recieved these awesome Hyde Park photos from Team Tucker member Jessica. They were taken by her friend Lindsey Poole who obviously has a superb camera! Thank you so much for letting us use them!

Jessica & Lindsey arrived at Hyde Park at 12 noon and were able to bag a superb spot near the stage -- we're very glad they did!

There are almost twenty shots -- these are my absolute favourites, but they are all really great.

The first one of Rachel and Niamh is crystal clear quality and Rachel looks stunning.

The second is Jessie and rachel doing their train impression and is hilarious.

The next two are perfect examples of how much fun these two friends had on stage, and the last one, well what can you say? This time last year Rachel might have been slightly surprised if anyone had suggested this photo opportunity. Nowadays -- hey ANYTHING is possible!


Andy said...

Thanks for sharing your superb photos Jessica.

You've either got a excellent camera or you sneaked on stage while nobody was looking because you have some great shots there.

Kristin Nicole said...

Holy Boobs Idina, jeez woman, strap 'em down!

I saw her in concert in July and you'd have never known those puppies were hiding under her t-shirt!

And that concludes this slightly PG13 Comment.

David said...

Thank you Krissie -- I'm never quite sure whether to delete your comments or fall about laughing.
Idina if you're reading this -- I'm very very sorry.

Derek said...

Wonderful pictures, it's good to see the IDA women hanging out and having fun. Many thanks to ALW for making his show fun for all.

jb said...

The good time girls....Tuckers & Buckers having a
blaaaaaaaaassssssttttt !! ha

Jess said...

No problem!! It was just great to capture the girls having as much fun performing as we did watching!!! One of the best days of my life without a doubt!!!