Sunday, 7 September 2008

Hyde Park News

The British Theatre Guide have some news on the line-up and performances for Hyde Park on 14th September.

Most important for us is this paragraph:

''The concert will also bring stars of BBC One's Any Dream Will Do and I'd Do Anything together on the same stage, with Jessie Buckley, Rachel Tucker, Niamh Perry, Keisha Amposa Banson, Keith Jack, Ben James Ellis, Daniel Boys and Lewis Bradley all performing Light At The End Of The Tunnel from Starlight Express.''

Apparently Jodie will not be performing with this group. I'm not sure how fans of Rachel, Jessie and Niamh feel about this announcement as I know some of you had been hoping for a solo number, though of course this is still a possibility.

The full article can be read here:



MissiCharli said...

Well, I don't think it's very good that Jodie isn't singing with the other girls because they were all from the same show and just because she's the winner it doesn't really make her that different. Anyway, I'd heard that Jessie was singing a song from Jesus Christ Superstar, but I don't know whether that was just a rumour. Haven't heard about Rachel. Well, at least they will be there! x

jb said...

Thanks for this update.
Hiya M.C how are you?
Yes,your right,it's been said for ages that Jessie may sing 'I don't know who to love him' (probably).No doubt a wonderful choice of song,which I'd love to hear her sing.Come rain or shine,hell or high water,to see Jessie on stage will be just incredible...even if she plays the spoons,the performance will be sublime, and how fantastic to be doing a gig at Hyde Park ! x

oops.looking forward to seeing the 'good egg' Tuckers too, obviously ! ha.xx

jb said...

Excuse typo...I mean '.. How to Love Him' !

MissiCharli said...

Hi jb. I'm great thanks! How r u? I'd love to see her on stage aswell, I can't go :( Are you going?

jb said...

Hi again,Oooh M.C -this time next week !
Apologies David...At risk here of hijacking Tuckers (big sister) blog-however great minds think alike/birds of a feather flock together and other such cliches.
So,so sorry you can't make it miss c.You'll be missed. Yes ,I'll be there,but have waited very,very, patiently for this opportunity.Be reassured,this performance will become one of many more over a long time.La Buckley is here for keeps, she's only just begun.
Brake leggs,Buckers & Tuckers!

David said...

ha ha this post is in danger of becoming a Buckers & Tuckers forum lol.
Hope you all have a FANTASTIC time at Hyde Park and take plenty of photos and footage y'hear?

jb said...

Thank you very much David !
Will do. Have a Polaroid Instamatic & a 16mm cine camera somewhere ...ha ha x

Anonymous said...

Oooo i hope there will be plenty of videos of this performance as Starlight Express is my favorite show ever! (Well that might change come the 22nd!!)

Hope everyones well!

Ali xx