Saturday, 6 September 2008

Can You Help?

As you know, Rachel will be appearing at the BBC Belfast Proms next Saturday 13th along with Niamh.

The Belfast City Hall venue is literally 30 minutes drive for me, but I don't have a ticket! Tickets were all issued months ago on a complimentary basis, and despite my best efforts I haven't been able to get one.

So if anyone can beg, steal or borrow a ticket (I'd prefer three so I can bring the family) please please let me know. The tickets were all issued free but I'm prepared to pay a sensible amount.

Also -- the event is scheduled to be broadcast live on BBC Radio Ulster, which is available online worldwide.

So could anyone record the audio of Rachel's performance for us?

And thirdly, there is supposed to be a live BBC TV broadcast via the red button. If anyone has a DVD recorder and can access the broadcast (possibly through Sky?), it can be uploaded to Youtube and featured on the blog.

So if anyone can help with any of these tasks, I'd be eternally grateful and you'll get a HUGE mention on the biggest and best Rachel site in the world (that's us by the way!)

You can contact me by email at or through the comment thread if you prefer.

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