Sunday, 10 August 2008

Time To Vote Again!

I hope you've got your breath back after that incredibe finish to our last poll and are ready to vote again because we have a new question we'd like you to answer.

Now most of us would no doubt have watched I'd Do Anything even if Rachel hadn't been taking part - heaven forbid - and may have even voted for another contestant; so we'd like to know who was your second favourite girl on the show?

As this is not really Rachel related this poll will run for just 5 days; so don't waste any time - Get Voting!


katee said...

voted cause for me there is no contest!

helen said...

I'm no gambler, but does anyone fancy making a prediction on who'll win the poll as second favourite Nancy?

Not who your favourite was/who you voted for, but who'll get the most votes?

I reckon .... Sarah.

Anonymous said...

I reckon Jessie or Sarah... Is it cheating to have 2 possible winners?! If it is, i'll vote Jessie.

jmor said...

uh oh Rachel's my 2nd favorite haha *laughs nervously* (runs away from fire and pitchforks!) LOL

Andy said...

LOL - I think I know who you voted for Jess.

I have been known to place the odd bet and I think if I had to put money on this one I'd probably go with Jessie.

However I do have the advantage of seeing that she has taken an early lead so I would get pretty poor odds LOL.

This is almost as tricky as the last poll. I think I have narrowed it down to 3 or 4 but haven't decided where my vote is going yet.

Kristin Nicole said...

Ugh this is a hard choice. I've got it down to three.

But I don't know how to pick between them.

Katie said...

It was pretty much unanimous amongst the Jessie Brigaders that their other favourite was Rachel so I'm hoping the feeling is reciprocated here!

katee said...

i think Jessie will win this poll because so many people loved her

but for me it was always Sarah.

Andy said...

Well it looks like Jessie might have this one in the bag but there is a battle on for second between Sarah and Niamh.

There is also only 1 vote seperating Fran and Jodie in the battle for fourth.

Interesting to see there are still a number of girls without a single vote.

Kristin Nicole said...

I cast my vote!

And I considered casting for Ashley, one of the ones without a vote still I think, because I loved her personality. But...the person I voted for was better all around than I felt Ashley was.

Laur... said...

No question for me, really... Sarah =D

Emilia said...

I loved Rachel, really liked Sarah, like Jessie but thought she talked too much, thought Jodie was lovely, Niamh was so irritating, Ashley was sweet but she was used as "the one who had the tough journey" and i positively couldnt stand Samantha! I don't know why but everytime she came on the screen I used to nearly scream in frustration! After Rachel's performance of I Will Always Love You, which granted wasn't her best performance, Sam was like "Oh yeah,erm Rachel shouldn't be Nancy, because erm like, she performance liked emotion"

Samantha failed to move me every single week, as a matter of fact there were times when she aggitated me so much I nearly threw my Sky remote at the screen!
And I know I'm a huge huge huge Rachel Tucker fan so I'm obviously biased but I liked a lot of the girls as well, so its a genuine opinion that I think Samantha should have gone out in like week 3. The reason she sang so many pop songs was because she has a poppy nasal voice with no personality! Rachel managed to perform songs by Christine Aguilera, Sugababes and Avril Lavigne and they still sounded classy and she made them her own!

Phwoooar, what is it about the blog this week and everyones super long comments?! Hahaha sorry about the rant everyone!x

Emilia said...

Sorry by the way, it was meant to say:

"Samantha said Rachel's performance lacked emotion!"