Saturday, 9 August 2008

The Results Are In!

Well after over 100 votes - 109 to be precise - and a titanic battle, I can confirm that by the narrowest of margins, the winner of the gold medal for Rachel's best look during I'd Do Anything goes to 'Oh What a Night'.

It was an incredibly close race because 'Cabaret' - winner of the silver medal - finished just a single vote behind and was actually leading with less than a day to go; two very different looks but both fantastic in their own way.

In truth it was a two horse race but there was more excitement further down the field. The battle for third was just as hard fought and incredibly even a photo finish - get it lol - couldn't separate 'I'm With You' and 'The Way We Were' who both go home with a bronze medal.

Obviously Rachel always looks absolutely stunning and choosing a favourite from those 9 incredibly beautiful looks was always going to be difficult. I actually changed my vote 5 times over the last 10 days!

Here are the final standings in full:

(25) Oh What A Night
(24) Cabaret
(18) I'm With You
(18) The Way We Were
(10) I Will Always Love You
(04) About You Now
(04) You've Got A Friend
(03) For Once In My Life
(03) Beautiful

I'm sure you've noticed the Olympic references in my write up; I couldn't resist it after watching the opening ceremony yesterday. I think if Rachel were an athlete she would compete in the heptathlon because she is just fantastic at everything!

If you'd like to let us know which was your favourite look for Rachel please feel free to leave a comment. I think my vote finally went to 'I'm With You' but it was probably one of the toughest decisions I've ever made lol.


David said...

Well I'm just about to leave for the airport, but I'd like to compliment Andy on a great looking post!
My personal favourite Rachel look was 'About You Now.' Having only seen her as Dorothy in Oz before, it was a stunning transformation and an equally stunning performance.
See you all next week!

Emilia said...

Personally, I thought her make-up and hair etc. looked the best during her performance of For Once In My Life, but also the dress she wore! It was very sexy, but she still managed to look composed and beautifully feminine. Very hard to do with that kind of plunging neckline ladies and gentlemen!!

Hahah but i agree with Andy once more, she did look stunning each week!x

Andy said...

I loved everything about Rachel's appearance in her 'For Once in My Life' performance too Emilia. That dress was STUNNING! It was one of the 5 that I voted for before I finally settled on 'I'm With You'. I'm really surprised it only got 3 votes.

Emilia said...

Yeah, same! Only a woman of Rachel's class (and with that body!) could have carried that little number off!

For me that was one of her favourite performances of mine, and even though she slipped up the tiniest bit the judges still raved about her! Amazing!

Got to say though, she has a great pair of legs says everyone who I know who saw her on IDA and I understand why the Gold and Silver medals went to the 2 weeks when she had the shortest outfits on;) hahah!x

helen said...

Yes, you are all quite right, she looked brilliant constantly! In the end, I opted for 'I'm With You', just like you, Andy, just because I thought she looked prettiest during that performance - nice eyes and nice legs.

I also thought she looked particularly stunning during some of the group performances ('Buenos Aires' and 'Man! I Feel Like A Woman') and of course in the yellow Nancy dress!!

jmor said...

I think best makeup and hair goes to "For once in my life" and thats what i originally voted for lol until i realized it was about the costume as well

So I voted for Cabaret because everything about that performance was absoulutely perfect! well OBV lol

Kristin Nicole said...

This thing likes to eat my comments...not okay. What I said before the vile thing decided to delete it was....

My vote went to The Way We Were (I seem to be a minority!). The dress was AMAZING, and she just looked so classy and glamorous in a very Old Hollywood style (despite the fact that she song isn't exactly 'Old Hollywood'!) that fit so well. Her hair was in perfect compliment to the dress and, being a brunette who wishes my hair was that cooperative, completely jealousy inspiring!

My second choice was Oh What a Night, because it's just so damn playful and fun! Not to mention it shows off those great pins (that again I'm so jealous of!)! I could never pull off a dress that short! I'd be showing everyone my 'unmentionables' every time I tried to take a step!

I liked Once In My Life, but I think I would have liked it MORE if the dress hadn't been such a pale yellow. Not that it didn't look great, because it completely did...I just liked the slightly more vivid yellow on her better. Then again, that could be the fact that as a brunette, I know a vivid-er yellow looks better on me and I'm being all biased!

kateeebabeee said...

This is Katee btw with a new user name!

I voted for once in my life becaus she did look amazing and her hair just look fab.

However i think the one who won was right- she just looked pure amazing for the openining show!

Jill R said...

My vote went to Cabaret, with Oh What A Night coming a close second, About You Now third,and You've got A Friend . The reson I like those three are that they complement Rachel coluring and figure, and the complement the song.

The dresses for The Way We Were and Once In My Life were lovely but i would have preferred them ankle length rather than floor length as I think it emphasized Rachel being quite small. Her I Will Always Love You dress would have been nice if it weren't for that awful bow.

Her dress for I'm with you I didn't like. She looks great for that performance, but the dress does not emphasise that at all. It hides her fabulous figure reather than drawing attention to it. Also to me, the look and the song seemed to be at odds. She should have had a rock chick look that night!

holz said...

I voted for The way we were!!!
Rachel looks sooooooo pretty!!!!!!
i loved oh what a night but the dress had a triangle cut out of it on the back still Rachel still pulled an amzing act of with the dress so short!

Emilia said...

Does anyone else agree with me that there is a DEFINITE resemblance between my 2 favourite actresses - Lauren Graham & Rachel?

no? i think its crazy!