Monday, 4 August 2008

Some Possible Dates

We don't need to tell you that Rachel has been an incredibly busy lady this year.

Having completed the 'Wizard Of Oz' in January, she attended auditions, was accepted for and took part in IDA, did further auditions and subsequently accepted the part in WWRY, not to mention several PAs in Belfast, the Phantom 2 project at Sydmonton and of course the Gay Pride appearance just two days ago.

Definitely coming up are an appearance at the Belfast Proms on September 13th and her big opening night 9 days later.

The following dates are conjecture only -- we have no evidence that Rachel will actually be there, but we'll let you know immediately we find out.

First of all there is Andrew Lloyd-Webber's 60th Birthday Party at Hyde Park on September 14th. Thanks to Katie from Jessie's blog, we know that at least some of the IDA girls will be there, but there are no guarantees as yet who they will be. If I were a betting man I'd say Rachel is very likely to be at this one.

Secondly Chris, one of our readers has mentioned an interesting event at Arundel Castle on 23rd August. Some of the WWRY cast will be performing Queen songs on that date. I'd personally have my doubts if she'll be appearing as she will only be five days into rehearsals but never say never.

Thirdly, Niamh Perry has revealed in an interview with 'What's On Stage' that a second Phantom 2 workshop is planned for October and that she will be going. Again we don't know anything about Rachel's possible involvement at this stage, but we'll keep you updated.

I'd also like to say how great you guys have been at giving us little news snippets plus suggestions, comments and articles for the blog.

We're so happy that you are contributing and please keep doing so.

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There is a thriving little Rachel community going on here and one things for sure -- we're all backing a winner!


jmor said...

Thanks for the heads up on all of those!!! just adds to my list of stuff to miss:((

Rosie said...

Have just bought tickets for Andrew Lloyd Webber's birthday party!!!!! As perfect as it would be if Rachel was there, knowing Idina Menzel and John Barrowman as well as Lee Mead are going to be there pretty much makes it a perfect afternoon!!!
Although Rachel's presence would make it the best best best of all perfect afternoons!