Monday, 4 August 2008

About Rachel's Performance Footage

I just want to say a huge thank you to Laura and her friend who managed to get almost 8 minutes of Rachel's performance on their camera phone (see post below).

The quality isn't perfect, but it captures the spirit of the event brilliantly and I love the cartwheel and the splits during 'All That Jazz.' Either one of those moves would have landed me in hospital for a month.

Thanks a lot guys -- very much appreciated.

Regarding all the comments that Team Tucker members and others have left so far -- I just so wish you could all have been there.

I know Laura and her friends and Susie turned up specifically to support Rachel and needless to say her superb set was extremely well recieved by the lucky crowd.

I should also add a little about the crowd themselves -- Saturday was my first attendance at a Pride event and it was a real blast!

Such friendly people, colourful characters and fun fun fun!

I'd have no hesitation in going back even without Rachel performing and for those who haven't yet been to this sort of event -- come on down and see what you're missing!

Although most of you weren't able to make it this time, on Rachel's opening night I know that many TT members WILL be there, and we're all going to show our love for our idol. Just keep watching the little counter at the top of the blog -- it will make time go faster!

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Kristin Nicole said...

My favorite was moment after the split. There's no graceful way to get back up after one of those unless you've got a big strong boy to haul you back up off the floor :)

Eeeeeee the video is so fun though :) Now. If only we could find some footage of her doing Defying Gravity I could die happy right now lol.