Sunday, 31 August 2008

Rare Rachel Volume 3

Yes we're at it again! Here are a few more Rachel photos you may not have seen before.

First are a couple of shots from Rachel's visit to the 'Rewards Theatre School' earlier this year, where she took part in an 'Oliver' workshop.

This next picture is rather special. It was sent to us by Team Tucker member Fiona, who wrote to Rachel during IDA. She received a handwritten letter plus this signed photo and is understandably a huge Rachel fan as a result. Thank you Fiona.

Now that Rachel's new Facebook Group is up and running, we decided to close the old one, but salvaged some priceless photos from it first.

These pictures of Rachel as a bridesmaid are beautiful, though next year's wedding photos will be even better. I'm sure Rachel is struggling to choose between Hello, OK Magazine and the blog for exclusive photo rights, but it's really not that much of a dilemma. I'm off to buy a new suit.

This one is from the production 'Group' which was performed at the Edinburgh Festival. I'm sure either Karen or Rachel can give us a year for this one. Needless to say Rachel is third from the left.

"Hi David, yes I can fill in a few gaps for you. The production was called "Group" a hilariously funny musical about a small group of people in group therapy, written and directed by our mutual friend Conor Mitchel. They had a rehearsed reading at the Group Theatre Belfast and then it was taken on to Edinburgh Festival. I believe the year was 2002. Rachel played a characher called Amy whose husband didn't have the right sperm count to have kids but blamed her for their infertility. A sweet, shy and naive kind of charachter, which proves Rachels versitility as an actress as I'm sure many of you would see her in stronger roles. Due to its success at Edinburgh the show was then re written (as most great musicals are) and renamed "Have a Nice life" and had a short run at the Pleasance Theatre London, I joined the original cast as Jean but unfortunately I missed out the chance to work with Rachel again as I believe she was training at The Royal Academy of Music at the time. Fortunately a few years later Rachel and I perfomed in a review for Mr Conor Mitchel which included music from his best work; where Rachel and I had the opportunity of singing the love song as a trio. I believe I have a rehearsal tape of this somewhere. If anyone is interested in hearing it?"

This rare stage shot features Rachel in 'Merry Christmas Betty Ford', performed in Belfast's Lyric Theatre in 2005. Team Tucker member Susie was lucky enough to see Rachel in this production and described her as being 'absolutely brilliant.' Rachel was nominated for best supporting performance for her portrayal of the rebellious character Kelly.

And finally a slightly trickier one. Can you spot Rachel in the 2005 cast of 'Tommy'?


holz said...

Rachel looks so pretty as a bridesmaid!

MissiCharli said...

WOw. I never knew she had blonde hair before! She looks gorgeous. x

David said...

Thanks for that detailed info on 'Group' Karen, and yes we'd love to hear a rehearsal tape!

holz said...