Saturday, 30 August 2008

Jessie / Sarah / Fran Blog News

Things may be quiet on our blog at the moment with Rachel deep in rehearsals, but at our sister blogs, it's all happening!

Over at Katie's blog for Jessie, there are some beautiful pictures and a fantastic review of Jessie's recent appearance at 'The Rose Of Tralee' festival. Committed Jessie fan Derrers made a phenomenal 900 mile round trip to see his idol perform on stage and his review is well worth reading. As of today (1st September) you can also view Jessie's entire performance on the blog!

At Julie's blog for Sarah, there are some fantastic photos of the lucky Larkabouts getting to meet the lady herself, complete with teapot! Julie also has a personal review of Sarah performing in 'Mathilde'.

And just in case that isn't all exciting enough, Sara who runs Fran's blog is still buzzing after seeing Fran perform in 'Can't Smile Without You' in Bromley last night.
She has a full review on the blog right now, as well as some exclusive photos of Fran and Siobhan during rehearsals.

As always, links to all three blogs are on the right hand side of the page, and I'd personally recommend you check them all out if you can.


Laur... said...

Agh, a picture of me! *hides* (but YAY for The Lark! =D)

It's so lovely that you're posting about the other Nancies here! =)

In other news I've convinced my mother to go and see We Will Rock You with me in January. YUSS! =D *happy dance*

Julie said...

Aggh man! A pic of me! lol!
Thanks for this! :D xx.

Katie said...

Thank you David for mentioning Jessie pics and RoT and of course super-fan Derrers.
Still love your blog

Sara said...

David your a star for plugging the rest of us promise I will do the same for you when I get a chance.

holz said...

did sarah lark just post a comment
on here?? sweet hi sarah!!
I like the teapot!

holz said...

or..... soz this is following on from last comment is that sara who runs franchescas blog? sorry i cant spell sorry fran if i spelt your name worng and you are reading this hehe

David said...

Haha Holz -- no that is a different Sara -- she runs Fran's blog! But if the Lark fancies leaving a comment, go right ahead!