Sunday, 17 August 2008

New Facebook Group

We've started a new Facebook group for Rachel today.

Her previous groups are all IDA related and we felt that her current and future career deserves recognition on Facebook as well as the blog.

The administrators will be Karen, Andy and myself and the group will be run in parallel with the blog.

Karen of course originally set up Rachel's largest IDA Facebook group, which incredibly still has over 600 members.

Please join and show your support for Rachel as she embarks on the next exciting phase of her career.

Join here:

Rachel's Facebook Appreciation Group


jmor said...

LOLz i made a facebook just to join haha ill probably never use it!

Andy said...

LOL - I did much the same thing Jess. I joined just to search for pages on Rachel a couple of month's ago but I haven't used it since.

I don't know much about Facebook to be honest but I'll help out David with Rachel's appreciation group if I can.