Thursday, 14 August 2008

Gallery & Video Blog Update

I just wanted to let everyone know that I have finally completed uploading ALL the I'd Do Anything videos featuring Rachel to our video blog.

They include all her solo performances, the sing off's, group songs, Nancy missions, a montage and Jessie's tribute and pre live show footage; an amazing 48 videos in total.

There are links to each video on the right of the blog to make it easier to find the one you are looking for.

We are still deciding on the format for our forthcoming competition but one of the options on our short list involves the Nancy missions so it might be worth popping over to the video blog and refreshing your memory just in case.


I would love to be able to tell you that the gallery is also complete but there is still a bit of work to be done.

However all posts have now been updated with higher quality images thanks to the improved videos provided by Jess.

You will also see that each week has now been split into 3 categories, Pre Performance, Performance & Judging. You should check out the pre performance galleries in particular because there are some great shots that you might not have seen before.

This process is now complete for the following performances:

About You Now
Oh What A Night
The Way We Were
I'm With You
For Once In My Life
You've Got a Friend
I Will Always Love You

Cabaret will be added shortly and then I'll look to get some shots from the group songs and eventually the Nancy missions.

As with the videos there are links to each gallery post on the right of the blog to make it easier to find the one you are looking for.

Keep checking back for further updates.



jmor said...

Good update! Looks like you've been working hard Andy lol

Andy said...

Thanks Jess.

The screencaps/pictures in particular do take quite a long time.

It probably takes 45 minutes to capture say 100-150 shots from each performance.

I then have to go through them all and try and pick out the best 10-20 for each category - Pre Performance, Performance and Judging - and that always takes over an hour.

The next step is to crop them to size and if possible improve the quality using image editing software which is a fairly lengthy process.

Then finally I upload them all to the blog.

I think the whole process takes 3-4 hours for each performance.

You probably didn't want to know all that LOL.

I blame you for the extra work Jess because the videos I was using to take screencaps from before only showed the performance but now I have the pre performance footage and judges comments too LOL.

jmor said...

^I'm sorry my help has left you with such a burden andy LOL!

and just timesX your work spent by 4 and youve got the rachel vid haha

its worth though isn't it? *nods*

Andy said...

Oh yes, it's more than worth it Jess.

I can't imagine anything better than capturing screencaps of Rachel. The hard part is when I have to try and pick the best 10-20 from each performance category because they are all so good.

I have come to the conclusion that it's just impossible to take a bad picture of someone as beautiful as Rachel.

jmor said...

well from knowing the show like the back of my hand i can definately pick out all my favorite Rachel expressions!

So thanks for your hard work Andy i'm sure others really appreciate it as well!

Rosie said...

These videos are brilliant, love the blog! All your hard work is paying off, the Rachel Tucker Fan Blog looks better and better by the day!

Andy said...

Thanks so much Rosie.

Screencaps from the Cabaret pre performance and the performance itself have now been added to the gallery.

Lots of you have said you loved her reaction to the comments she got after Cabaret and those screencaps will be added very shortly.

Andy said...

Cabaret gallery posts are no complete for all 3 categories - Pre Performance, Performance and Judging.

Taking these screencaps made me realise exactly why so many people said Rachel's reaction to the comments she received after Cabaret was one of their favourite moments from the show.

rosie said...

It really was one of the best moments of the show.. after those 3 weeks when the judges just seemed to unfairly turn on her, it was brilliant that they were completely astounded and blown away! Unable to find fault with anything and FINALLY spotting the amazing star quality of Rachel Tucker! If we'd all been on the judging panel, we would have figured this out week 1, called off the competition and given her the part.. Aah well!

Andy said...

You're so right Rosie.

I just wanted to add that in my last comment I obviously meant to say:

Cabaret gallery posts are NOW complete for all 3 categories - Pre Performance, Performance and Judging.

And not 'no complete' as I originally wrote lol.