Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Another Great Video From Jess

Jess has worked her magic again and created this excellent video showing I'd Do Anything footage of Rachel prior to when the live shows began.

To me this is priceless because I didn't watch the early stages and the first I really saw of Rachel was when she blew me away with her stunning performance of 'About You Now'.

This has actually been available on the video blog for a couple of weeks but both me and David thought it warranted a post on the main site.

As always we want to say a huge thank you to Jess because she has made such a mssive contribution to our blog that we consider her the 4th - 5th including Rachel - member of our team.


Laur... said...

Aww, that makes me want to go back and watch IDA again!

It's awesome Jess, thankyou!

holz said...

love it jess thkz so much plz make some other ones!!!!!!! lol i luv em!!!!!!

jmor said...

awwww shucks.. :) I am considered part of the furniture! lol

thanks andy!

helen said...

I love it! Thanks Jess!
Particularly the bit where ALW singles Rachel out for her tremendous acting, as it was at that point that I decided I wanted her to win :)

Emilia said...

Oh god actually brings a little tear to my eye at the end when he says they were unsure, but then "rachel you could be nancy"

personally i have to say she was always the best actress out of the entire group of girls!

hogan0208 said...

wow! i's never seen some of that footage before. thank you!!

David said...

Another winner Jess -- thank you so much!
despite being great entertainment, this video graphically illustrates the bearpit that is musical theatre. Watching John Barrowman prowl the room like some creature from Torchwood is both heartbreaking and fascinating.
Now of course with the benefit of hindsight, despite Rachel's rollercoaster ride, IDA was merely a stepping stone onto much greater things. The show remains superb, if often slightly vicious entertainment, but thanks to IDA, Rachel has made the great leap forward and garnered herself a fiercely loyal fanbase as well. For those of us who believed, we have been vindicated.