Friday, 11 July 2008

Rachel Is Big News!!!

At least a dozen magazines, newspapers and sites have now run with Rachel's big story to a greater or lesser extent, most of them summarising the information in yesterday's press release.

This is an excellent sign as it illustrates Rachel's widespread appeal and richly deserved success.

For those wanting a little more, it also illustrates the importance of fan sites, which exist to provide the faithful with in-depth coverage, exclusive material and a chance to contribute comments and articles.


Here is a small article featured in tonight's Belfast Telegraph. Again there's nothing new information-wise, but we like the photo! (Above)


Friday, July 11, 2008
By Vicky Shaw
(Belfast Telegraph)

Northern Ireland’s I’d Do Anything star Rachel Tucker has landed her first leading lady West End role in We Will Rock You. She will take over the part of sassy rebel Meat in Queen and Ben Elton’s hit musical at London’s Dominion Theatre from mid-September.

Rachel said: “It is a dream part. We Will Rock You is one of my favourite shows.
“I first saw it when I was a student at the Royal Academy and loved it. I am beside myself with excitement. I just can’t believe it.”

Belfast-raised Tucker narrowly missed out on a place in the final of the BBC1 show to find a Nancy to star in a West End production of musical Oliver! Jodie Prenger was later crowned Nancy in the final.

Broadway star Kerry Ellis — one of Tucker’s biggest supporters on I’d Do Anything — used to play the part of Meat.


Rx said...

I was at work the other morning listening to Heart FM (any Londoners will know what im talking about) and on the breakfast show, Jamie announced that 'Rachel Tucker from 'Id Do Anything' has landed her first West End leading lady role in 'We Will Rock You'' !!! I was so excited. annoyingly i couldnt hear what was said next as someone next to me was making a racket, but i heard them say 'Congratulations' to her! So yes, Rachel is indeed BIG NEWS!!!!!!!

Chris Worthing said...

After Rachel has played Meat for a few nights at the Dominion,shes not just going to be Big News,shes going to be Massive News!
The most talented performer to hit the West End in ages...and I include in that Connie Fisher-SHE REALLY HAS GOT IT!