Sunday, 13 July 2008

Congratulations To Niamh!

We'd like to send our congratulations to Niamh, who has just been cast as 'Snow White' in Eastbourne's Devonshire Park Theatre.

She will be appearing from December 12th until January 11th 2009.

Niamh has already been cast as Belle in the production 'Only The Brave', which will premiere at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival on July 31st. We are delighted to hear her good news and look forward to similar stories from the other 'I'd Do Anything' girls.

You can check out all the Niamh news at her fansite here:


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Chris Worthing said...

Im sure in time Niamh too will make it to the West End..I agreed with her eviction from IDA,just dont think she was quite ready (unlike our Rach)for the real glittering lights just yet..thats not to say however she isnt extremely talented,and Im sure in time,she too will do really well.