Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Mystery Solved!

You'll be delighted to hear that the holiday photo mystery has now been solved!

You weren't too far off Katee -- it was taken in Cyprus last summer.

As for the 'Westside Story' photo, it was indeed Gerard McCarthy dancing with Rachel, but the venue wasn't the Opera House in Belfast -- Rachel reckons it was either York Opera House or Bristol.

She also revealed that tutors from a Bristol drama school came to see the show and offered both her and Gerard unconditional places on the strength of their performances.

Top marks for talent spotting!

A big thank you to Rachel for the information!

We hope to bring you another mystery photo tomorrow.


katee said...

Oh yey :D How good am I.

Lets do another one!

Andy said...

I can't believe Rachel's been to Bristol - my home city - and I missed seeing her.

If only I'd known about her then and gone to watch the show this blog could have been running for 10 years already lol.

Elle said...

YORK Opera House?

As in York, where I live?!