Monday, 21 July 2008

Counter Challenge!

Well Karen caught me out the other day with her school play photo, so here's one for you Karen (and anyone else who wants to have a go!)

This is obviously Rachel but when and where?

I'll credit the photo when the results are in.

PS. Rachel you're allowed to have a go too!


Karen said...

Now I think this is a little unfair David. Rachel could be anywhere in this pic. In my challenge she could have been one of 9 girls or so?...hhmnn well I'll have to take a wild guess. Her hair is blonde so its before the wizard of oz! She's on holiday somewhere. I reckon spain?

katee said...

we guessing when and were it was?

Andy said...

That’s right Katee.

Try and guess when and where this picture of Rachel was taken.

I have to say David has me completely stumped with this one.

I know it’s not my local bar (unfortunately) but that doesn’t narrow it down much lol.

I think we might need a few clues.

katee said...

It looks on holiday...outside.

I have seen Rachel with blonde hair when she was bridesmaid. So between then and when she had brown hair in Wizard Of Oz.

Looks somewhere hot....spain? greece or greek islands?

No clue...will study it some more.