Saturday, 7 June 2008

Rachel's Movie Appearance

As mentioned in ‘The Early Years’ post, Rachel’s only movie appearance came in 1999 when she played a nurse in the Irish thriller ‘Accelerator’. The film itself is very watchable as some of the critics comments suggest:

“Slick and Energetic…Packed with stunts”
Sunday Times

“Riveting and Darkly Funny”
Sunday Tribune

The Star

“A Rollercoaster Thriller”
The Irish Times

It’s maybe just as well because if you are buying this film purely to see Rachel you may be disappointed as her on screen time is all too brief; no more than 2 minutes and a couple of lines of dialogue. However it is the only chance you’ll get to see an 18 year old, blond Rachel, dressed as a nurse and as the movie itself is pretty good, I’d say it’s worth purchasing if you like this type of film.

Johnny T Has Stolen too many cars. Driven out of Belfast by the paramilitaries, he dreams of making it to Barcelona but ends up in Dublin.

Enter Whacker, he's going nowhere fast. With the arrival of Johnny T his position as king of the joy riders is under threat not to mention his girlfriend, Louise.

It's show time as Johnny T and Whacker fight for Louise and their reputations, their rival gangs will race from Belfast to Dublin, each team putting up £200, winner takes all.

Six stolen cars with six couples blaze a trail on a wild journey of love, rivalry and gunfire that will change their young lives forever.

For a detailed review of ‘Accelerator’ follow this link:

Accelerator Review

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