Monday, 2 June 2008

In Praise Of Rachel

Andy Writes:

One of my favourite parts of the show I’d Do Anything were the tasks they set the girls which were aired during the results show on a Sunday night. They showed us that Rachel excelled in all the qualities necessary to be a West End star. It seemed like every single week she was being picked out as being the best. Rachel proved herself to be a true all-rounder who excels at everything she does; she commands the stage, gives the most realistic convincing performances, has the voice of an angel and also the fitness and consistency to reproduce the same great level night after night. She really is one in a million. Click on the link below and see for yourself.

I'd Do Anything Fitness & Comedy Tasks

Other than her breath taking performances on a Saturday night, I think the moment I loved the most during the show was the comedy task when Rachel delivered her Jaws joke. She only realised right at the end while she was singing the theme tune that she’d got the start of the joke wrong; a moment of accidental comedy but it made me laugh out loud. Also I don’t think I’ve ever senn anything cuter than her banging her head on the microphone when she eventually realised her mistake.

I thought her fantastic personality shone out every time she was on screen. She comes across as one of the nicest, most modest girls anyone could ever wish to meet. She never once blew her own trumpet despite being head and shoulders above the competition and was so incredibly gracious in her exit video interview that it brought tears to my eyes. I fail to see how anybody could not love this girl. If I was asked to define perfection my response would be simple; Rachel Tucker.

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