Monday, 30 June 2008

Final Curtain On The Lyric

I was driving past the Lyric yesterday and stopped to take a few snaps.

This is all that remains of the historic Belfast theatre which launched the careers of Liam Neeson and indeed Rachel herself.

Rachel appeared in several productions here, including 'Merry Christmas Betty Ford', 'To Be Sure' and 'The Wizard Of Oz', where she was of course the star of the show in their very final production.

Particularly poignant is the first photo, still showing a little of the 'Yellow Brick Road', painted by the Munchkins to support Rachel in 'I'd Do Anything.'

The second photo shows the main part of the building, now a pile of rubble. Fortunately none of the Lyric staff were inside at the time, though hard-working Clare probably had to be carried out at the last minute.

The Lyric is of course going to be rebuilt as a bigger and better theatre:

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