Sunday, 26 November 2017

On The Road Deluxe Version goes Digital

For the past two weeks we've all been waiting 'patiently' for the Deluxe version of "On The Road" to drop on iTunes & finally today it's landed. Following Spotify, Amazon Music & Google Play who all dropped it on Wednesday 22nd Nov.

So what is so special about "On The Road Deluxe" you may be asking? Should I download this if I already brought the physical copy of "On The Road?" Rachel, Kris Rawlinson, the Band and recording crew obviously had so much fun in the recording studio & as a way of celebrating the success of their UK tour, decided to remaster some of the old tracks & record a few special new ones.

YES you should download this, or at least the extra tracks, but I am assured by Kris that there are changes and it is more than worth the purchase of the whole album. At only £6.99 on iTunes, there isn't much to ponder. So hop to it, choose your favoured option of digital
download & jam away.

One or two people were interested in my initial reactions to the album, so if that's you, read on, if not click the appropriate button to the side & download "On The Road Deluxe." Don't forget to share the links with your friends.

Here we go, first listen through of Rachel Tucker’s remastered, remixed & ‘Deluxe Edition’ of “On The Road.” Now available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music & Google Play.

First thoughts before even starting is that this track list seems to better reflect the setlist from the ‘On The Road’ tour. Basically if you missed out on the tour, you’ll be able to pretend you didn’t. As this was the ‘master’ list of songs that for the most part stayed as staples throughout the tour with the added bonus of “She Moved Through The Fair.” Which seems a perfect addition that she added for the Shoreditch gig. This may seem a familiar track to those who’ve followed Rachel’s career for a while now, as she performed it in her “Back From Broadway” gigs at the St James Theatre (now The Other Palace). 

So what’s new? Not only have they gone back in the studio to remix & remaster some of the tracks but they’ve given us 6 extra tracks. Two of which are the most requested & most anticipated from fans. It seemed a crime with the initial release of ‘On The Road’ that “She Used To Be Mine” (from Waitress) & “Waving Through A Window” (from Dear Evan Hansen) had been omitted from the original track listing. Especially as they were the clear fan favourites but I always had hope for a “Deluxe Edition” and trusted that they’d see fit to rectify this for us & well good things come to those who wait. 

Right let’s dive in, before I start I must warn you, i’m going to be taking note of my initial thoughts and ‘reactions’ in true & full fangirl fashion via tweets & gifs… let the rollercoaster commence.

Miss Otis Regrets

Candyman (New Track)

Waving Through A Window (New Track)

(New Track)

(New Track)

That's Life duet with Rebecca Trehearn (New Track)

(New Track)

No Good Deed (Remastered?)


I think it's fair to say I thoroughly enjoyed my first listen of "On The Road Deluxe." Very happy with the added songs, over the moon in fact. We'd love to see your reactions or reviews too, so please send them through on Twitter or via Email.


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