Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Rachel Tucker Live @ The Theatre Cafe

The Theatre Cafe & Parallel Productions decided it'd be a fabulous idea for Rachel to do a mini set at the Cafe on Sunday of Westend Live at 6pm. Marisha Wallace was soon announced as doing a small set too & this was all very exciting but also sent (i'm sure), panic into the very soul of most of the 'hardcore' fans. Torn between wanting a good spot at Westend Live & a guaranteed spot inside at The Theatre Cafe. I am sure a few opted to go straight to the Cafe, or only do Westend Live, but know that many, such as myself did the mad dash from WEL as soon as Rachel 'finished' to get their spot. Having a back injury to deal with my dashing skills were a little lacking, but as luck would have it, although when we walked in, there was like 2 seats left & a reserved table, a group left not long after we arrived so we pounced on those seats.

The Cafe very quickly filled up and the atmosphere in there was fabulous, it turns out it's mostly quite fun being in a room of people who all love Rachel as much (you can try) as you do. I did my duty & put on a couple of songs from Rachel's album, but like I was polite and didn't do the whole album thing, because usually if you do that at the Cafe the people behind the counter break their own rule & skip the songs. So just did two, then someone yelled I had to put a certain one on so went back to do that, but not before someone had put on what i'm quite sure was almost the entire Hamilton album.

The atmosphere kept building as everyone sang along to the songs at the top of their lungs. Kris arrived early to get set up & hand deliver some new Tucker On The Road Tee's, ohh the new ones are black, whaa? This added a layer of fun as he tinkled away at the keys while we all sang our hearts out. Possibly our collective best singalongs were Take Me or Leave Me & Waving Through A Window. Funnily enough unbeknown to us as we were all giving Take Me Or Leave Me our best belts, Rachel had made a surprise guest appearance back on the Westend Live stage for a duet with Marisha. Must admit as fun as our version was I am devo'd we missed the REAL deal, but thankfully there is full video in all it's glory, which you can find in our Westend Live Blog 

After a few hours of fun waiting the cafe was bursting at the seams & as Rachel & Marisha walked in, suddenly the wait & the ever raising temperature in the cafe all seemed much more worth the wait. Only trouble was that at the last minute all those standing then decided they needed to get a better vantage point and started spreading out into the middle more. My view was no longer the perfect one i'd scouted out but now just of peoples backs, panic set in but luckily managed to squeeze on the wall bench with my friends, which meant that now I had a rather good view, just felt bad for my friends and all the others who got their first and had seats that now had no view. Side note: for future gigs in the cafe I would politely suggest that when they remove the tables & barrier off the area they arrange the seats along the front in rows, followed by the benches & then the back of the cafe should be for standing, just to help balance it out for everyone and for the performers trying to be seen too. 
After a few more singalongs, Marisha kicked things off with the Hairspray ballad "I Know Where I've Been" inviting us all to sing along if we knew it, oh it was stunning, this young lady has PIPES!!!!! Then she slowed it down a bit for a gorgeous and heart felt 'My Funny Valentine" (correct me please if i'm wrong).

Then we had a slight break before Rachel coming out for her set. She stood on a chair to help those further back see her, which was much appreciated by many i'm sure. I could go on and swoon about how fabulous this set was but you guys are lucky because just as they promised, they Facebook Lived the whole set. So go forth, get comfy and enjoy reliving or watching for the first time this fabulous wee gig at The Theatre Cafe.

Now in case anyone else is like me & loves to have lots of angles, I did do some filming in the cafe for you all. Luckily my friend had brought her camera along but as her view was pretty much non existent, I stole her camera for you guys & she had kindly uploaded the footage for you all to enjoy. Here's the playlist below, with all 6 songs. Thanks so much @AlwaysBeenGreen. 

By the end of the gig the room was absolutely bursting with excitement, Rachel, Kris & Dan Giles gave that room one hell of a set & set the room on fire (it was a furnace)! Bloody brilliant afternoon spent at The Theatre Cafe. So many thanks to all who made it happen.

Heres a few pictures from @CarrieRose_  on Twitter.

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