Sunday, 5 February 2017

Another Live @ Zedel Date Added

Ask and you shall receive, due to popular demand Rachel has added another date to her Live at Zedel concerts. After the previous 3 gigs on March 20/21st @ 7pm & March 25th @ 11pm sold out within the week. We now have the added date of Thursday 23rd March at the slightly later time of 9:15pm, perfect for those working late or travelling a little further.

By my calculations there's approximately 6 or so tickets left as at.. 7:30pm so get booking or you will once again miss out.. if you do miss out don't despair as tickets sometimes pop back up closer to the dates of gigs with people having other things get in the way.


Earlier today Rachel took to instagram to tease about what could be in store for these gigs & I for one am even more excited.

Then at 4:37pm, fashionably late in true Rachel style, she took to the Parallel Productions Facebook page for a Live chat with us all about her upcoming gigs & what we're in for. Announcing the added gig & confirming that she will indeed have some guests, but as yet has not & may not be announced. Rachel even had a wee sing song alongside with Kris Rawlinson on the keys, to help build the excitement even further.

Seriously it's been so long since i've heard Rachel sing something not Wicked & this has filled my heart with joy. Simply can not wait for these gigs, there's no doubt that they will be something truly special & memorable. So if you haven't already, quickly jump on the Zedel site & BOOK!

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