Monday, 4 January 2016

Backstage with Rachel Tucker!

Earlier today released the next addition to their "Backstage Life" series & our girl Rachel Tucker was the one in the spotlight this week. She took as behind the scenes with a few photos from backstage featuring Jonah Platt (current Fiyero) & Kara Lindsey (current Glinda, till 31st Jan).. check out the original article on

Instagram Catch Up

We missed this the other day but, Kara posted a fabulous photo of her and Rachel grooving on into the new year..

A photo posted by Kara Lindsay (@karalindsay1) on

Followed by a lovely sandwich shot of her, Rachel & I believe she says her (Kara's) Mum.

So it seems the cast of Wicked on Broadway had a bit of a holiday party recently, and luckily there's a few photos surfacing. Earlier today Christine Dwyer the current Standby Elphaba, who will be stepping up while Rachel is away in Japan from Tues 5th - Wed 13th, posted a gorgeous shot of the pair earlier today..

Kara Lindsay posted a collage on her Instagram.
A photo posted by Kara Lindsay (@karalindsay1) on

GIF Time, thanks to Tumblr. Love this so had to share.

Another thing I love is this proposal video from Christmas at Wicked on Broadway.. where Daniel Robinson proposed to Joshua Green, which was posted on  such a precious moment for them both.

Right that's it from us today. don't forget guys, Rachel is off to Japan this week for a few gigs & wont be performing in Wicked again till the 14th January, 2016. 

Speaking of 2016.. Happy New Year Guys!!

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