Tuesday, 17 February 2015

The Music Of Northern Ireland - Dvd/Album

So as you all should remember from this post, before Rachel set off for Broadway last year, she took a quick trip home to film a Christmas special with Eamonn McCrystal.... well it's come to our attention that the gifts didn't stop there. Whilst there, they actually filmed two specials for broadcast. 'The Music of Christmas' and one with a focus on 'The Music Of Northern Ireland."

Well we've been told to set our DVR's for March to catch "The Music Of Northern Ireland." Though I believe that's its air date in the US.. still waiting on word for air dates on UK/Irish Television.

Here's the trailer for the PBS broadcast with a snippet of Rachel performing 'Life, Love & Happiness."

There is another trailer here that was originally posted & then hidden (but not before we caught a glimpse & saved the link) that has an extra clip with Rachel in it performing a duet of 'The Island' with Eamonn.

What's rather exciting though is, today Eamonn tweeted this....

So that means you can purchase the full DVD of "The Music Of Northern Ireland" featuring Rachel Tucker (& a few other incredible performers too) NOW!!

Looking into purchasing these, it seems the DVD is out of stock on Amazon at the moment, but you can place your order & as soon as stock comes in, they'll send it your way. If you'd prefer to have the audio only, you can purchase it from the US iTunes Store & the UK iTunes Store

 Here are a few screen caps from the trailer for you all to enjoy!

So what are you waiting for? Go and order your copy of the DVD & download your copy of the album from iTunes. We'll give you an update as soon as we hear about an air date & UK/Ireland release.

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