Thursday, 23 October 2014

Welcome to Throwback Thursdays.

We’ve decided here at RTFanBlog HQ that we’re going to start a #ThrowBackThursday segment for you all. We probably won't do it every single week, but as often as we can.

With Rachel opening on Broadway THIS weekend, there’s been a lot of new interest in her these past few months and we thought that it might be nice for some of her newer ‘fans’ to get a taste of what we’ve been seeing for years. As well as give ourselves a good excuse to reminisce on past performances & interviews.

So to kick things off, I (Amanda) have been asked to look back to 2008, when Rachel was a contestant on the BBC talent show “I’d Do Anything.” Where Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber & Cameron Mackintosh searched for their leading lady for Cameron’s new production of ‘Oliver.’ Rachel made it through into the top 12 for the live performance section of the show & made it all the way to the final 4, where in my opinion she was robbed of the part, but let’s not get into that… it all worked out in the end.

So for this weeks #ThrowbackThursday I ummed & ahhed about exactly which video to choose from Rachel’s “I’d Do Anything” days, but as hard as I tried to choose something else, I just kept coming back to her final solo performance before leaving the show, Cabaret. This will always be one of my favourite videos of Rachel for so many reasons, it’s difficult to pinpoint what makes it so special, but it really was the stand out performance of the series for me. I just recently finished re-watching the whole show & without fail every time I think of I’d do Anything, my first thought is of this performance. 

Cabaret was such a pivotal moment in the show, in that Rachel truly showed everyone exactly who she was as a performer, her passion, her style, her sass & just how much power she’s got within her. She fought back from some tough criticism and owned this performance. 

I also think it’s a wonderful to look back at this & just think about the comments after the performance, the way Rachel says “If I was to have to do that every night,” and now she’s over in New York performing in a brand new musical ‘every night.’ All of the panelists gave her so much praise & it finally hit them all that she is & would be a “star.” Whilst it’s not exactly the beginning of Rachel’s journey, it feels to me like it was the beginning of something truly special & the ride she’s been on since then has been one crazy & amazing roller coaster. So enough from me, here’s your #ThrowbackThursday…..