Tuesday, 21 October 2014

A Warm Welcome To Matt & Amanda!

I just wanted to welcome Matt and Amanda to the blog. They're both massive fans of Rachel and will be joining the team as new authors.

Rachel's Broadway dream has come true and I wanted to make sure the blog was kept updated at this exciting time in her career.

As Matt has already pointed out, I've set up a new Blog Twitter account @RTFB1981 which all blog contributors can use, so make sure you follows us for all the latest Tucker related news.

New Fan Blog Twitter! New Profile Pics! New Last Ship Links & Videos added to Blog! LOTS more to come!

I've also updated some blog information and added The Last Ship pictures and links to the sidebar.

I'll still be around and you'll hear from me from time to time but I know with Matt and Amanda on the team the blog is in good hands.

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