Thursday, 17 April 2014

It's nearly time...

Rachel, Guy and Ben leave for New York on Sunday. I can't believe it's come around so quickly. Rachel says she is excited but nervous which is completely understandable. It's a big move for the family with lots of changes but it's a dream come true for Rachel!

Rehearsals for 'The Last Ship' start on Wednesday and the show opens in Chicago on June 10th. It will be there until July 13th. From there it will move to Broadway. It's all very exciting and I know Rachel values all our support even if we can't physically go over to see her.

I've asked Rachel where it would be best to send any fan mail to while she's in America and she's said she'll get back to me as soon as she knows so I will pass on the information as soon as I have it!

Anyway...with the big move only 3 days away I'm sure Rachel and the family have lots of last minute things to do and people to see so I just wanted to wish her all the best! Have an amazing time. We know you'll do us all proud! You'll be missed by all your British fans but we will be supporting you from across the pond!

Nic xxx

Tickets for The Last Ship can be booked at

and information about the show can be found at

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Project Journal said...

You guys, this is finally my neck of the wood and I am FREAKING OUT. I just found out tonight she was coming lol we saw her 7 times as Elphie in London, but live in Vermont, USA. We are less than 6hrs from NYC so mark my words, I have alerted my family to save their money because we ARE going! She will be a star :) I never thought I would get to hear her voice again. This is such a blessing. The fall can't come soon enough lol